Hiring Corporate Support - Why a Smooth Transition is Vital

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Sep 22, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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As you strive to grow or maintain your industry position with your business today, the one inevitability is that you will need people to fill those corporate support roles. No matter what your business, you need sales staff, customer service personnel and others who strive to “support” the staff who have more specialized roles. One of the worst mistakes you can make while filling these positions is forgetting exactly how important they are and why the right people in the roles can ease any future transitions you make. Consider these reasons while hiring excellent support staff now, potentially before you think you need to, is one of the best decisions you can make.

  • Great Candidates Can Be Challenging to Find - Whether you need that role filled “RIGHT NOW” or not is inconsequential. Realizing that you will have this need in the future means that starting to build that team today can pay off in a big way. The costs of retaining that candidate are much less than hiring one, plus imagine the work that you can get done behind the scenes with a couple of extra hands on deck.
  • You Need More Support Than You Realize - When you dig deep to what industry leaders are doing to gain their position AS leaders, chances are much of that comes down to support staff. With more people on hand, you can accomplish your goals and provide better customer service across all areas of business.
  • Trial and Error - Even if you find the absolute best employee, if you put him or her in the wrong role, no one will benefit. Hiring your staff now means that you can try different positions and office configurations until you discover what works. If you wait until crunch time, you’ll put more pressure on everyone to get things right the first time. Why not figure out those problems now?
  • Your Office Needs Diverse Thinkers - Bringing in staff for support roles adds new, and varied, opinions to the office. You’ll immediately see new life added and you have employees with differing backgrounds all providing input and assistance as you strive to get ahead in your industry. Even one new staff member can change the entire feeling of the office and encourage everyone to dig a little deeper and grow in their knowledge and skills.
  • You Can Be Picky - Adding staff doesn’t mean that you are stuck with the first candidate you find--especially if you are ahead of the hiring curve. When you work to add support staff now, you’ll be able to be picky and find those candidates that will offer something unique to you--and thrive in your company too. In fact, you can look at filling roles from new sources, such as working with a staffing firm.
  • Changes are Afoot - It doesn’t matter what your purpose in business is, changes are coming. Yesterday’s new technology is becoming outdated and tomorrow's ideas will need support to launch. Plus, there are always new government regulations to meet and standards to exceed. Giving yourself plenty of support allows you to tackle these changes head-on and turn the tide in your favor.

The term “support staff” can be a bit of a misnomer. After all, without these extraordinary individuals hard at work, many businesses would fail. Take a good look around your office or headquarters and see how efficient and effective you could be with a few good people in these vital roles. Then, contact us at ICS and let us help you accomplish more than you ever imagined possible.

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