High-Value Skills in the IT Job Market

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jun 4, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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The process of acquiring a new job in a competitive talent market like IT is challenging; however, there are specific IT skills that can help to pave the way – especially when they are in high demand.  Are you ready to find out what employers are looking for? If so, you will love the list here. We have compiled a list of the fastest growing, in-demand technical skills employers are searching for now.

When you are looking for a new job, you are likely going to use search terms that describe certain, cutting-edge skills that are associated with the job you want. Learning what skills are in demand by employers now can help you get the job you really want.

If you are ready to learn what can help you stand out from the crowd, keep reading. Here you can learn about some of the most essential skills that are now in-demand by tech industry employers. By being informed and knowing the necessary skills, you can have a higher likelihood of acquiring the position you want and securing a high-paying position.


This is a JavaScript library used for building interfaces and is one maintained by Instagram, Facebook, and individual developers, along with other corporations. In 2017, the React project acquired the second-highest number of contributors on its codebase, GitHub.

According to experts, React is the fastest-growing tech skill search term that is used by job seekers looking for IT jobs. Additionally, it is used by employers when searching for resumes. This illustrates how quickly React is growing in popularity for tech companies, and how vital it is for front-end developers to acquire proficiency in it. Put simply, proper experience with React is now considered essential for many tech-related jobs.


This is the cloud-computing solution from Microsoft that is managed through a global network of Microsoft data centers. When in use, Azure offers SaaS – software-as-a-service, PaaS – platform-as-a-service, IaaS – infrastructure-as-a-service, and provides support for several programming languages.  One language that is used extensively in Azure is the Python programming language, which is what is used for creating web apps. This is another crucial skill to acquire.

Amazon Web Services

This is the top cloud computing platform that businesses use for the purpose of off-site computing, as well as storage needs. The fact is, cloud computing is still growing, which makes Amazon Web Services a must-have skill.  The cloud is growing because businesses of all types are boosting their use of the off-site computing and storage options. This is making experienced cloud developers the must-have team members for a number of employers.

Offensive Security Certified Professional

With countless malicious attacks, hacks, and data breaches continually in the headlines, it is no surprise that many organizations are now searching for IT skills talent that will be able to find and strengthen various points of weakness. An OSCP, or Offensive Security Certified Professional, will have demonstrated their ability to examine some type of unknown network, select the targets in their scope, exploit them, and then clearly document the results in a penetration report.


Apache Spark is a unique, open-source cluster computing data processor and framework engine that is used by various technology giants, such as Yahoo, eBay and Netflix for streaming, machine learning, SQL, data analysis and many other things. The applications are able to be written in several languages, which include R, Python, Scala, Java, and others.

Angular JS

Another JavaScript-based front-end, open-source web application framework that is maintained by Google, as well as an extensive community of developers, this is a must-know for those working in the tech industry. This programming language will require the capabilities of HTML and go a bit further, which allows for the building of all types of full-featured web applications.

Angular JS is actually what HTML would have become if it was designed for applications. While HTML is the perfect declarative language for various static documents, it doesn’t contain much regarding the creation of applications and, as a result, the process of building applications is actually an exercise in trying to trick the browser into doing what needs to be done.


This is another open-source programming language, as well as a software environment that is specifically used for statistical graphics and computing. It is something that is widely used by data miners, statisticians, and data scientists to help develop software and to perform data analysis.

Why the Right IT Skills Matter?

The IT jobs market is highly competitive, and as a result, it requires candidates and those wishing to secure a position in this industry to acquire the proper skills. Above, are a few of the must-have skills for those working in the tech industry. Not only are those skills needed, but they are also often required by big-name tech companies, which is something to keep in mind.

When acquiring a new skill, it’s necessary for an individual to become proficient in it to remain competitive with others seeking the same employment opportunities. Be sure to keep this in mind when attempting to secure a position in this field, as it will increase your chances significantly.

Securing the Job You Want

Acquiring the desired job is challenging in the tech industry. However, when you acquire the right skills, you will find this is completely possible. Be sure to review the skills listed here, and then determine what the specific job you are searching for needs. When you do this, you will gain a competitive edge over others trying to acquire the same position.

When working in the tech industry, it’s necessary to ensure that you continue to grow your skills and abilities. By doing this, you will remain relevant and continue to grow your abilities, helping you secure higher pay, as well as promotions from the position you are currently in today. Being informed, knowing what skills are in high demand, and taking steps to improve your abilities and knowledge are all essential in the tech sector. This will help ensure you get the result and the job that you really want.

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