Four Tips for Hiring Managers to Kick-Start Revenue

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Feb 6, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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If you are in charge of hiring, you have likely spent some time pondering the best practices to catalyze revenue. There are a number of approaches to this challenge. We have whittled them down the cream of the crop. Here are the top four ways for Hiring Managers to boost revenue.

Key in on Social Media Conversions

Social media platforms are an excellent means of connecting with top-notch candidates. Plenty of elite professionals avoid traditional job-hunting methods, preferring to sit back and wait for the perfect offer to emerge.  Though these superstars might not post their resume to job boards or even conduct searches for open positions, they will likely have a social media profile. Hop on social media, uncover the diamonds in the rough and do your best to add them to your team.

From LinkedIn to Facebook, Twitter and beyond, social media platforms are excellent vehicles to establish connections with prospects. The field of potential hires on these platforms is never-ending. Tap into Facebook's search, database, Group/Page and targeting features and you will connect with passive candidates who just might turn out to be fantastic additions to your team. LinkedIn is one of the best tools for uncovering talent.  Just about every professional has established a LinkedIn profile by this point in time. This platform really is a treasure trove for hiring managers.

Prioritize Personnel

The study of your team's performance is critically important to your quest for revenue growth. Perform a deep analysis, crunch the numbers and figure out how to best prioritize your team members. The main considerations should be what type of impact personnel provides and whether they stimulate revenue. Teams are made up of "rain makers", those who merely go through the motions and plenty of people in between these extremes. Figure out which groups your personnel fall into and proceed accordingly with revenue growth firmly in mind. Though it is not necessary to terminate employees, shifting responsibilities with an eye on revenue growth is certainly prudent.

Mind Your Content

Those who work in SEO circles often state that “Content is king.” This was true a decade ago and is still true today. In many instances, the most coveted candidates are more likely not to respond to phone calls, e-mails or other methods of contact. These candidates are often inundated with requests for interviews and feel a bit overwhelmed to the point that they they become passive. It is up to you, the hiring manager, to engage these candidates with a unique approach. The best approach just might be engaging and helpful online content.

Create intriguing and informative content that triggers prospect interest and it will establish the foundation for a mutually beneficial interview. Use content as an opportunity to share information ranging from industry news to interviewing tips, hiring advice and other helpful material. If this content reaches enough people through online message boards, social media shares, blog posts and other avenues, it will eventually make its way to elite candidates. Be sure to add at least one link that connects these prospects to your company, hiring department or even directly to you.

Consider What Employees Desire

Nowadays, temporary hiring is all the rage. It is important to hire permanent employees yet many employees are taking temp jobs.  They are not doing so in a begrudging manner.  Rather, many American job-seekers genuinely favor contract work as opposed to full-time permanent employment. Temporary gigs give employees considerable flexibility as they can "test the waters" and figure out if they are an appropriate fit for the organization. Think of these short-term hires as tryouts for your team. Lean on ICS to steer you toward the best temporary/contract hires and you just might be tempted to take this route with each new opening. 

Let ICS Connect You to the Top Talent

The techniques outlined above will take some time to perfect. ICS is here to lend vital support in a number of different ways. Meet with our team and we will figure out exactly how to support your nuanced recruiting needs. Our staffing firm concentrates on four primary areas: Information Technology, Compliance & Legal, Corporate Support and Accounting & Finance. We take the time that is necessary to fully understand your idiosyncratic hiring challenges. ICS is all about teamwork amongst intelligent collaborators rather than automation. Whether you are looking for permanent placement, contract placement, temp to perm placement or employee of record payroll services, ICS is more than up to the task. 

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