Five Reasons to Never Hang Up On A Headhunter

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Sep 8, 2016 9:00:00 AM

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A Headhunter is Calling You for a Good Reason

No matter how much you love your current job and all the benefits that come with it, there is no harm in staying open to new possibilities.

A reason you may love your job is likely a reflection of your employer’s appreciation of your work. Your stellar reputation may be the very reason why that persistent headhunter has taken the time to call you.

The fact is, though, job recruiters do not set out to irritate and interrupt your work flow. It is their headhunting firm, or a loyal client, that has requested they find someone just like you. You have the education, skills, leadership qualities, or some other positive professional characteristics they know will match the client’s needs perfectly.With such vital information, the recruiter is calling to court you for some epic professional matchmaking.

Five Reasons to Never Hang Up On an Executive Recruiter

Although you may feel tempted to ignore the incoming calls from recruiters, I would like to persuade you on why it is not only a poor decision, but possibly a great idea to take a few minutes out of your day to hear what the person on the other end of the line has to say. I can already hear your rebuttal – “I have a stable job and I am not looking to make a career change.”  If that is the case, then I would argue that you have more reason than ever to pick up the phone and have a conversation.

So, you probably have several reasons why you feel tempted to hang up on an area headhunter. Maybe you believe the call is a scam, the recruiter only wants to collect a tidy fee, or you just simply feel it is a waste of time and energy when you do not have an interest in making a change.

The truth is, you are drawing conclusions way too quickly. You should realize as a passive job seeker, you are in a position of power. Your first assumption was actually correct -you do not NEED a job. So why not take some time to gather pertinent job market information before making a decision not to pursue a particular opportunity. I specifically tell all my candidates, “Lets get the job offer first, then we can turn it down.”  I highly recommend you gather all information before making a drastic decision.

What would be damaging to take a few minutes to listen to what the headhunter has to say? The next time you receive a call from one of the local headhunting firms, consider the following five reasons to never hang up on a headhunter:

1. Listening Does Not Cost a Thing

In fact, the only cost associated on your end will be some time spent discussing the possible opportunity. Knowledge is power – and it is worth your time to know what exciting prospects, networking possibilities, or new career direction ideas within your field they might extend to you. You might have a great shot of taking your career to the next level.

2. You Might Learn a Pleasant Surprise or Two.

When a local recruiting firm representative reaches out to you, it is impossible to know what exciting prospects, networking possibilities, or new career direction ideas within your field they might extend to you. You might have a great shot of taking your career to the next level.

3. Preparing A List Of Recruiting Contacts Is Key In The Modern Workforce.

There are many different types of recruiting agencies out there, especially in large metropolitan areas. Each staffing agency is different and employs a diverse recruitment staff that specialize in various career verticals. Depending on your current position and career trajectory, it would benefit you to vet these various agencies out and build relationships with those who prove their worth and live up to their advertised reputation. Business decisions within your current company can happen very quickly. If you suddenly find yourself in an uncomfortable place, it would benefit you to have a few trusted contacts who will pick up the phone when you need career advice or begin to actively look for new positions.

Navigating a job space without a recruiter is like trying to find an apartment without a realtor. A typical DIY job search usually involves raking through craigslist- this scenario rarely ends well.  An ethical and professional headhunter who cares about their work will understand your position as it stands and will be likely to work with you in the future to help you make new contacts and get back to work quickly.

Start building your recruiting contacts today.  Contact your local ICS Office to connect with one of our headhunters.

4. Learn Your Current Market Value

This could quickly change your mind about staying put with your company. Do you ever wonder just what other professionals make doing your job at other companies? But the utopian ideal of complete transparency is still not a reality for most corporations. You might discover that, while your pay seems impressive, you could make even more by taking a leap. You might also learn that competing companies offer better benefits packages and other perks you had not considered. Even if you are not currently interested in finding a new job, a friendly conversation with a job recruiter could yield some critical and game-changing intelligence.

5. Putting Aside Preconceived Ideas About Recruiting Professionals May Surprise and Delight You.

Remember – a recruiter is calling you because their clients are willing to pay the agency a hefty fee to seek out top talent like yourself. It is not a coincidence your phone is ringing. You should feel a sense of accomplishment that you are actively being vetted by headhunters and their business partners. Furthermore, a potential employer who is willing to employ a staffing agency in their talent search is inherently telling everyone they value their employees and business -otherwise they would not be willing to spend the time and money it takes to attract superior candidates to their companies. 

Recruiters have all sorts of different backgrounds: including anything from IT, business administration,  to education, etc. Maybe you have heard that some headhunting companies insist that their talent scouts tenaciously pursue prospective candidates and verbally wrestle into submission. There are plenty of recruiting staff members who only care about collecting names, numbers and commissions, without caring about who you really are and what gives you professional satisfaction. However, there are just as many staffing professionals who have a passion for their work and want to help the right employment candidate with the ideal job. It would be a shame to miss out on the latter type of a headhunter.

So, the next time a headhunting professional calls, see what they have to say before hitting the ‘ignore’ button. A few minutes of investment may simply enforce why you should stay at your current job or, possibly, change the course of your professional life.