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Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Sep 19, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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When it is time to recruit for tech positions, there’s only one word that needs to be known – engineering.  According to new data gathered from Hired, it was discovered that while a product manager’s salary may be higher, companies are looking to find more engineers than there are employees in these roles – by a significant margin. The fact is that the top requested positions by companies are all various engineering positions. The top five tech roles that are in demand right now include:

5. Mobile Engineer

4. DevOps Engineer

3. Frontend Engineer

2. Backend Engineer

1. Full Stack Engineer

Full-Stack Engineers

It is no surprise that the majority of companies are extremely interested in hiring full-stack engineers. That’s because these individuals are essentially the “swiss army knife developers.” They are familiar with all types and layers of development, which allows them to adapt as the needs of a company evolve.

The good news is that full-stack web development is now the most popular occupation for developers. Over 70 percent of respondents in a Stack Overflow developer survey showed they planned to be web developers – as opposed to other types of specialist roles, such as app or mobile developers,  and six out of 10 of those individuals intended to become a full-stack developer.

Backend Developers

Second on this list is backend developers. These are also the second most common types of developers found on the Stack Overflow survey that was previously mentioned. Even though a backend developer is considered a step away from what a company’s users really see, the work they do is crucial, and it delivers the necessary technology to provide a smooth, seamless user experience.

Other Engineers

Mobile engineers, DevOps, and Frontend are the last three on the list; however, that doesn’t mean they aren’t as valuable. However, what it does mean is that there are not as many of these roles to fill.

One significant thing to point out is that with DevOps engineers being number three on the list, this means that this engineer is overtaking design, data analytics, and product management roles. This suggests there is new, significant demand for more specialized software roles now and in the future.

High Demand Means Higher Wages  

According to statistics, the average salary earned by today’s software engineers was found to be approximately $137K. This represents an increase of about five percent, from 2016, when the average salary was $131K, and an increase of more than five percent from 2015 when it was just $129K.

When compared with the national salary amounts, modern software engineers (and the majority of other tech workers) are in a good place. Around the globe, the average salary earned by those in tech role jobs such as product management, design, data analytics, and software engineering was about $135K. This is at a time when the median salary for workers in the U.S. for those with a bachelor’s degree or higher was reported at just $61,440.

Additionally, data analytics professionals and software engineers are making approximately the same amount, with each profession earning about $137K in 2017. Salaries for those in the design field was about $10K less, coming in at $127K.

Getting One of these Top Paying Positions

If you want to earn one of these six-figure salaries, then you need to make sure you have the proper (updated) engineering skills. You also need to be efficient in various programming languages that companies put the most value on in the workplace. The most in-demand skills right now, starting with least-in-demand and going to most-in-demand include CSS; HTML; Python, Java; and JavaScript.

Even though it may be tempting to spend time learning more trendy programming languages, and probably a good exercise if you are you are more comfortable with the “classics," it's important to remember that the majority of companies are going to be more interested in you becoming a master at the older standards.

Not All Tech Jobs are the Same

What this information proves is that there is quite a bit of heterogeneity across all career types, even when it comes to technical roles at a tech company. If you are a software engineer, and you believe your job prospects look amazing, and if you are thinking about engineering, there are plenty of opportunities for you.

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