Economic Growth is on the Other Side of the Skills Gap

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Feb 22, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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There are more unfilled jobs now than ever before within the United States. With over seven million unfilled jobs, this represents an 18 percent increase in the number of unfilled jobs. There are more available jobs than people unemployed, with just over six million individuals looking for employment. 

So why don't these six million unemployed individuals just fill in the seven million open jobs? Outside of geographical limitations, one of the biggest issues is the necessary skills for these available jobs. These jobs require training or other specific skills many of the current unemployed do not have. 

There are available jobs, but the economic growth occurring within the United States continues to rely more and more on skilled labor. If you're looking for a job, it is of critical importance to have the right skill training in order to go after these available positions. ICS can help identify the most important skills to train and how you should go about doing this. 

The Developing Skills Gap

In order to maintain the current level of economic growth within the country, it is important to focus on the growing skills gap. With positions requiring more training, it is necessary for workers to maintain their level of skill, training, and education. 

Fewer positions are opening up that do not require any training. Entry level positions, such as those found at fast food destinations, gas stations, grocery stores, and so on are falling by the wayside as automation makes it more affordable for companies to bring in a machine to perform the work of a previous employee. The machine puts out the same quality level, while not needing breaks, and a machine doesn't force a business owner into paying Social Security and other taxes on the piece of equipment, which they would normally need to do on an employee. 

In order to help workers within the country, President Trump created the National Council for the American Worker, which is designed to identify strategies for fixing the growing skills gap. So far, the initiative, as well as the over 100 major companies participating within the initiative, has determined too many people lack the necessary skills to work in the new economy. These individuals did not go to college, nor did they partake in vocational training or trade school. 

While higher education is not always necessary for jobs in the current economy, some levels of training are. By identifying what kind of training is required it can then help align workers with the right forms of training programs. This way, it better prepares them for the current and future workforce requirements. 

IT Sector Problems

There is a growing problem within the IT sector. These are not entry-level jobs but instead, require extensive training. Whether in network security, website development, or working with other kinds of computer technology behind the scenes, the United States has started to fall behind in this line of work. 

Currently, there are over 600,000 available computer science jobs in the United States, and only 50,000 people within the country graduate from computer science programs. This means the number of available jobs will increase, but there will never be enough workers to fill them.

On the flip side, around 200,000 students in China and India are graduating from computer science programs annually (although when you look at the population difference the graduates to national population ratio is around the same). 

What all of this means is there is ample opportunity for good paying jobs for those individuals who are willing to put in the work. Some computer IT positions do not require a full four-year bachelor's degree either. There are some training schools that provide specific IT certification programs to help someone get their foot in the door. From there they can work an entry level IT position and then, from there, move on up. 

Training Is Key

There are well-paying jobs out there. Many of the seven million current openings are not entry-level positions. Most, instead, are jobs that require elevated levels of training. For someone who is currently looking for work, it is important to continually search for new ways to set oneself apart from the competition.

One of the best ways to do this is through skill development. Even for those who did not go to college, there are plenty of ways to seek out skill training and certification programs. These individual programs provide the desired levels of development many of the current option jobs are looking for. 

The main problem is many individuals do not realize they need these kinds of skills or where to turn to obtain the training (or that training would take years and they don't want to put in that kind of effort into it). ICS is here to help identify the best course of action for any job seeker, regardless of background or training. This way, it is possible to move forward with closing the skill gap and capitalizing on the available job market. Click below to start looking for your next opportunity!

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