Don’t Get Rejected for These Small Details

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Feb 8, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Sometimes the very best candidates don't make the cut for a job. There are times they don't even make it out of the first line of applicants. There are plenty of people who thrive at the interview process but struggle to put together an eye-catching resume. And there are people in the exact opposite side who are great at producing resumes but stammer through interviews. No matter what side you might find yourself in, there are ways to avoid the small details that may lead to a job rejection. Because while the cream always rises to the top, you have to do everything in your power to avoid the small pitfalls that might prevent it. 

What's In It For Me

Have you met people who seem to be only interested in what's in it for themselves? It can be a turn-off and prevent you from wanting to be friends with them. A similar issue can arise when it comes to applying for a job, and yet you may not realize you're doing it. Obviously, you're applying for a job to make money, elevate your career, and take advantage of the perks that come along with the job. However, when you go in for the interview, you need to make it about how you can improve the company and not how you can improve yourself. 

An employer will want to hire a team player-- someone who will make the company better. Because no matter how bad it sounds, the company isn't out to improve your career. It's there to make money. So during the interview process, do what you can to show how you can help the business thrive, not the other way around. 

Struggle Expressing Yourself

During the interview process, and even when completing applications, you need to express yourself. It's easy to fall into a drone-like approach during your interviews (especially if you've been to a bunch), where all the answers you give come out flat, without any personalized thought. Most companies do not want an interchangeable piece coming in that has no thoughts of their own. It is important for you to showcase some personality and to express yourself. 

There are going to be times, where, during an interview, you are talking with an HR representative and not someone within the department. If you're working in a specialized line of work, such as coding, the HR rep might not understand all the lingo. You need to do what you can to demonstrate your knowledge and yet ensure they understand what you're talking about. This will make them feel more comfortable with you while forging a connection other applicants might struggle with in that interaction. 

You Come Off As Risky

Nothing in life or business is a sure thing. However, there are those who are riskier than others. You don't want to present yourself as a risk. A company needs to feel confident in their hire. If those conducting the interview are left feeling uncertain about you, they will more likely go with the comfortable hire. Yes, you've probably seen movies where a business hires a "risky" applicant, and it all pays off in the end, but if you want the job, you'll avoid coming off as a risk. You can still share ideas for the company and be personable without being a job risk. 

You're Not Enthusiastic

Not every job is going to be a barn burner and super exciting. However, you shouldn't walk into an interview already bored with the job. Maybe your passion isn't with working in the mail room. Or perhaps you don't want to be crunching numbers on a spreadsheet. That's okay. Everyone takes jobs at some point that they are not 100 percent passionate about. You should still come across as enthusiastic, though.

Just Winging It

One of the fastest ways to kill an interview and to derail your job search is to just wing it. Don't walk into an interview without doing your research. Winging it might work in some areas of life. It doesn't with a job search and an interview. 

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