DevOps Roles are Hot and Here's Why (and Where)

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jul 19, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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DevOps roles  - those combining operations with software development - are hot in multiple employment markets across the country right now. It's not surprising when you consider that having both roles combined and filled by a single employee can lead to faster software release, higher quality and greater efficiencies in every stage of development and implementation. 

While specific responsibilities differ somewhat from one employer to the next, DevOps staffers typically handle infrastructure, write code and participate in design and testing, all with the business' operations in mind. Rather than simply writing code, a DevOps engineer should understand what's driving the need for that particular release. What's behind it? What's the best way to implement it? How can it be tested for quality, and what's the best way to deploy it once it's ready to roll out? DevOps professionals need to be able to understand - and answer - all of these questions. It's that ability that makes DevOps engineers so valuable.

How Companies Benefit from DevOps

For companies switching to DevOps, the benefits are many. Rather than having siloed roles in IT and Operations filled with employees who know their job well but have only a basic understanding of the other department, DevOps combines them. An employee who can bridge the gap between business units who will use the software being developed and the developers creating it can limit conflict, frustrations and limit the time needed to implement new software solutions. 

In addition, there is more of a sense of accountability with DevOps personnel that can lead to goals that are more clear, and to more nimble and efficient changes in the development lifecycle. 

According to a 2014 report, organizations that embraced DevOps surpassed their competition in nearly every metric measured. Specifically, companies using DevOps instead of separate silos for software development and operations were: "twice as likely to exceed profitability, market share and productivity goals, and had 50 percent higher market capitalization and growth than rival businesses."  For any company still on the fence about moving to DevOps roles, those are some pretty compelling statistics. 

Where DevOps Roles are Hot

DevOps skills are in demand at all types of businesses. As reported in an April 2017 Forbes Article, "DevOps Engineer" came in second in a recent report of the 50 top jobs in America. However, as reported in a 2016 Cloud Computing article, in another survey, DevOps engineers were listed as the hardest IT job to fill in North America. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that demand for, and employment of, software developers is strong across the country, but particularly so in Texas and New York, as well as California, Massachusetts and Virginia. Employment numbers in Colorado, Illinois and Washington, D.C. weren't far behind. 

Turn to ICS for DevOps Staffing Needs

If your company wants to pursue the efficiencies and agility that can come from embracing DevOps, it is critical to have the right employees, with the right skill set. Whether you're looking for DevOps engineers, automation architects, release managers, testers, or any other role that combines knowledge of operations and development, your organization can benefit when you have the right team in place.

At Infinity Consulting Solutions, we can help fill your DevOps roles with qualified, screened talent. More than just a staffing agency, we collaborate with our clients - and with talent - to ensure the right fit, every time. We can help you fill permanent, contract, temporary or temp-to-perm positions. With offices in major metropolitan areas across the country, including New York, Washington, D.C., Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis and Denver, we are positioned to help you find the DevOps professionals you need. 
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