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Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Aug 11, 2016 9:00:00 AM

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Denver Staffing Agencies See Upswing in Momentum for Recruiting

Denver is consistently ranked in the top 10 fastest growing cities in the country. The city is changing at a remarkable speed thanks to the influx of technology companies and IT jobs.

This year, 2016, US News & World named Denver the best large US city to live in and young tech talent, especially the millennial cohort, is taking notice of this superlative. After all, this is a generation who lives life according to rating, rankings, and reviews. Startup companies, tech jobs, and Millennials are all migrating to Denver for the fresh air and fresh opportunities. So pack your yoga pants and laptop and meet us in Denver.

Reinventing the City

Why are Denver staffing agencies witnessing the strongest growth in more than 10 years? Denver’s industry formerly depended on oil and gas. Ever since a very discouraging economic slump in the 80’s and 90’s, Denver has been slowly reinventing itself and offering more IT jobs in all industries producing strong and consistent IT job growth.  So when you think of jobs in the Denver area, forget about the old economy roles. Today you need to instead think of IT jobs that require advanced degrees and highly specialized skills. This means a brighter outlook as the tech scene takes over more of Denver economy and a highly educated workforce takes over the trendy neighborhoods.

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Now Hiring

The most alluring reason to move to Denver is that the number of open jobs is increasing and companies are hiring. Take a look at some recruiting and staffing statistics:

  • Denver has the lowest unemployment rate among America’s largest 30 cities. Denver is at 3.3% while the rest of the nation is at 4.7%
  • 4th best city for new college graduate job seekers (where are the top three? Minneapolis, Washington, D. C., and Dallas, all cities where you can find ICS)
  • Denver is among top 10 cities for hourly wages, educated workforce, and population growth.
  • According to the Denver Post, technology was the most active industry to expand in Denver office spaces in 2015.

Denver companies are continually hiring, so expect the job market and recruiting to become more competitive.  

Millennial Heaven

Denver has some serious potential which is new and promising for Millennials who grew up in the shadow of economic depressions and slow global growth. For this generation, Denver is the church of startup IT jobs, mountain hikes, brew pubs, and cannabis. In short, it is progressive socially and economically.  So the Millennials are coming in mass:

  • According to a Brookings Institution analysis of population movement from 2009-14, the city gained 12,682 people ages 25 to 34, the highest of all US cities. That means that each year an average of 12,682 more Millennials moved here rather than left.
  • Zillow, the real estate website, found that 18- to 34-year-olds accounted for 35% of the city’s population growth from 2010 to 2014, up from 26% in the first 10 years of the century.

According to our Denver staffing agency, technology jobs encourage work-life balance, growth, and development. Further, flexibility in employment is essential. To keep talented technology employees, companies know that they need to keep the buzz going. For all types of employees, popular benefits can range anywhere from 100% healthcare coverage, unlimited vacation days, gym memberships, stocked kitchens, commuter reimbursement and even pet insurance.

The Denver population is still quite young. Young enough to still be mapping out their life plans. Denver’s job market, therefore, offers a host of temp to perm jobs, contract jobs, and freelance jobs that allow the sort of career exploring needed when you settle into a new city.