Demand for 2-3 Year Human Resource Generalists Continues to Rise in 2016

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jan 28, 2016 8:35:00 AM

In ICS insights, hiring trends

Human Resource Generalist positions have been on the rise in the tri-state area; including New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. The United States Department of Labor expects job in this field to increase at least 5 percent over the next eight years. The current number of jobs is more than 480,000 and the annual income is on the high end. HR Generalists, who live in economically healthy areas, can earn as much as $75,000++ per year.

What do Human Resource Generalists Typically Do?

HR Generalists describes a diverse set of skills within human resources. This encompasses but is not limited to recruiting, employee relations, benefits, training and development, as well as onboarding, exit interviews, and any other HR related responsibilities.

What Qualifications Do Companies Look for When They Recruit Human Resource Generalists?

Companies typically look for the right combination of personal attributes, educational background and skills such as experience building culture, training and development, a strong track record of sourcing and hiring talent, a strong communicator, a strong partner to the business. HR Generalists wear many different hats and handle confidential information.  Therefore, they must be strong with multitasking and using discretion. The generalist will need to be proficient in Microsoft Office applications, applicant tracking systems, HRIS systems, etc. Companies generally look for individuals who are inviting, upbeat, and able to communicate with individuals of all backgrounds and personalities.

What the Position is in Such High Demand

We predict human resource positions such as the HR Generalist and the recruiter will continue to be in high demand for the foreseeable future. The candidates, who fill these positions, have become invaluable to companies looking to attract and retain the right talent while continuing to grow. As such, companies are finally realizing the huge role these positions fill within their organizations.

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