Delaware Fintech Demands Java

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Sep 17, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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If you work in the financial services industry, there is no question that Delaware is the place to be. Since all the way back to 1981, this state has been actively attracting some of the biggest and most promising companies. Today, fintech companies have opted to take up residence in this state. This is not that bold of a move considering that Delaware is a financial services haven. The law in this state is more flexible than in others, which helps with basic business operations. Not only is Delaware a friend to all businesses, but it is also a state that is full of a talented workforce.

Delaware is now in a position to become the fintech capital of the United States. The banks currently there are now partnering up with various startups to help create solutions to new problems and to open businesses that are able to deliver more to consumers. Innovation is easier than ever when the government and law are extremely flexible. Educational opportunities and new jobs are not only available but bountiful, in Delaware where there is quite a bit of stimulated growth. It’s not unrealistic that this state could eventually become a true global leader in the space.

The Impact of Fintech

If you are trying to find a dynamic industry that’s in both the finance and technology sectors, then fintech is right for you. There are several benefits offered by being in this field; however, one of the biggest challenges is to find a big pool of talent that’s available to power this industry. In the state of Delaware, Zip Code, which is a nonprofit school for coding is now taking matters into its own hands to teach an all-new generation of amazing tech-minded individuals. This school is taking its role seriously and has now partnered with Capital One and J.P. Morgan to help increase the pool of candidates to match the demand for new software developers. Currently, the school has a job placement rate of 93 percent for individuals after just three months of graduating.

You may wonder why people need to return to school for this type of work. Many believe that the potential salary has something to do with it. On average, a Java developer can make $95,517 in Delaware according to information from Payscale. If a bigger salary is not the primary reason, it may have to do with the huge impact that the job has on the local community and around the nation. The fact is, Fintech companies are eager to hire these talented individuals so that they have the ability to bring the very best products to modern consumers. When this type of talent arrives at work, the possibilities are endless.

The Presence of JP Morgan in the State of Delaware

More specifically, through the impact of tech talent and fintech, the company JP Morgan has had the ability to provide assistance to communities, as well as disenfranchised individuals. This includes being able to save for retirement and making the process as simple as just downloading an app. Not only does it provide people with these skills, but also helps by adding approximately 1800 jobs in the tech division for those living in the state of Delaware by 2019. Some of the jobs that are newly available include the sectors of big data, technical business analysis, cybersecurity, and application development. All of these options are made available thanks to the Wilmington, DE-based Technology Center. Constructed on the former AstraZeneca complex, the center is the actual base of the JPMC’s push toward more technology.

Another example of how JP Morgan is leaving its mark on the state of Delaware is how they helped launch the newly formed nonprofit “Year Up Wilmington.” This is a one-year program, designed for college students, that combines things such as internships, hands-on development of skills, and professional coaching from some of the top companies in America. In fact, the organization has partnered with Zip Code to offer 360 hours of total technical training to all participants. Many of the people who are participating will have the opportunity to become interns at JPMC. It isn’t just about finding talent for the company; however, JP Morgan is also investing in the technology, such as machine learning and big data to provide benefits for their customers. Now, users will have the opportunity to witness faster, better, and even more affordable services and products.

Selecting JP Morgan in Delaware

While the majority of people believe that JP Morgan is simply a bank, it is also a tech company with more than a third of their 10,000 employees working in the technology sector. This company fosters innovation in fintech, and if someone is looking to further their career, JP Morgan is a great place to do this.

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