DC Continues to Look for Top Tech Talent

Posted by Bob Hickey on Nov 15, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Washington DC's tech jobs are consistently on the rise with top tech companies like Amazon, Google, Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, and Apple joining the DC tech industry. With the growing number of tech businesses in the area, filling up open positions with people who have high tech skills has recently become a top priority for hiring managers.

The DC tech industry is ahead of the cities in the immediate area, which includes Philadelphia and Baltimore, in terms of compensation and job opportunities. These factors have earned DC a spot in the top 20 rankings of the Tech Towns Index. The positions available in DC are not limited to IT developers, but also include different jobs on innovations that increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and online security. The top open job postings include software development, Java development, network engineering, systems engineering, and systems administration.

The Number One In-Demand Tech Skill

The tech skill in high demand right now is cybersecurity, which entails the protection of systems connected to the internet, including hardware, software, and data. The goal of cybersecurity is to limit risks and protect technology assets from attackers with harmful intent. Data breaches, data threats, and potential hackers compel companies to take every step possible to protect their customers, clients, and team members' information. 

The Challenge

Upgraded anti-spyware, malware, and antivirus protection programs can be of help to ensure data remains safe. However, cybersecurity-focused and skilled professionals also have to be present in companies to enforce the overall strategy for online security. This is the reason IT leaders are very much concerned about finding and hiring more people for their cybersecurity team. Acquiring qualified cybersecurity candidates to interview and hire is the biggest challenge DC's tech industry leaders experience. There are specific cybersecurity competencies that are, at present, difficult to identify within the current job pool. Tech leaders need professionals who can collect, report, and analyze data, and who are also confident when upgrading, innovating, and implementing new tech to combat threats.

An Alternative Solution

Professional development and training of existing tech employees with no cybersecurity skills—this is currently the solution most executives are using to address the need for more cybersecurity-proficient professionals. Companies are sending their general tech team members to conferences and industry events, as well as employing other firms for in-house and off-site training. This can be costly due to the short and intermittent learning periods that employees attend to. However, it can also empower team members with more valuable cybersecurity and other tech skills in the long-run. 

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