Dallas IT Staffing Agencies Ask What’s Best For You - 4 year Degree or Dev Bootcamp?

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Sep 27, 2016 9:00:00 AM

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Dallas IT staffing agencies are increasingly recruiting from development boot camp schools for entry level Application developers. The need for these skills are so high that many companies simply cannot wait for the next graduating class. So we asked which is best: Application Development School or a 4-Year Computer Science Degree?

There is no denying it: application development is a hot field in Information Technology. There are few areas of life−work, pleasure, school, or pretty much anything else−serves to complement or greatly improve the activity whether it may be mobile or desktop. Applications developers that build these programs earn between $50,000 to $150,000 annually and can anticipate a healthy 15%-20% percent field growth potential through the year 2022. You can see why local Dallas IT Staffing Agencies say this field is increasingly appealing and simply a wise choice.

So, how do aspiring application developers in Dallas follow their dreams of taking the applications world by storm? What are staffing agencies in Dallas saying?

It starts with what type of education will best serve you, giving you the best bang for your buck? The two most appealing paths toward success include the more traditional educational route of earning a 4-year computer science degree, or taking a slightly more specialized route, which means skipping some steps, for example,  general curriculum coursework to get right to the core of coding and application development at a specialized Coding School.

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How Does a 4-Year Computer Science Degree Support Applications Development Careers?

Many students may find themselves more attracted to the traditional educational course of study.  A 4-year computer science degree offers prospective application developers a well-rounded computer science background that fully embraces field essentials such as coding and specific studies that support applications development careers.

Whether you choose to study through an online computer science program or you want to engage in a brick and mortar college experience, you will explore “hardware, software and networks in both theoretical and real-world problem solving centered ways," according to Best College Reviews – The Best Online Computer Science Degree Programs.

While it requires greater patience, pursuing a 4-year computer science degree offers you a strong and well-rounded computer education foundation. This educational experience expands your knowledge base beyond your ideal application developer jobs without ever detracting from your ambitions and efforts in app development.

And while tuition rates often fall within the range of $22,000 to $30,000, the strong application developer jobs market in Dallas can quickly offset your investment upon graduation.

Consider some of the varied coursework that you may experience during the 4 years that may enhance your application development pursuits:

  • Multiple operating systems
  • User Interface design
  • Programming in several computer languages
  • Computer systems and architecture
  • Backend computing knowledge
  • Database management
  • Object-oriented programming
  • General electives that add to overall skills, knowledge and marketability, which ideally include business coursework

With a bachelor’s degree in computer science or software development, you will build a strong background in computers that are likely to appeal to a broad array of firms that have applications development careers available. A broad range of coursework and skills may just give you the edge when vying for local application developer jobs.

Fast-Track Your Way to Application Developer Jobs in Dallas at a Specialized Application Development School

These educational resource centers that prepare you for application developer jobs are often called either “hack school” and “development boot camp.” And while these mobile application-focused learning programs go by at a swift 8-week or 12-week clip, they will definitely prepare you for the exciting world of application development.

While a more intensive and specialized approach to preparing for mobile applications development careers for Dallas companies, application development schools do not skimp on offering you a wide breadth of experience to help you switch up from one technology need to another. The main ingredient, outside of duration and degree, that distinguish a hack program from a 4-year computer science degree, is the round of general electives coursework.

Tuition costs for these programs are often steep, ranging from $12,000 to $18,000, but your speedy completion, certification, and quick career placement−Fast Company cites a 98 percent placement rate for application development school graduates−can make the investment well worth it.  

If you pursue this type of educational tract, you can expect to focus primarily on the following:

  • JavaScript expertise via tutorials and practice exercises
  • Software engineering philosophy
  • Production-grade web applications
  • Live coding
  • Real-world hack programming and problem solving

Application development schools can work for anyone, but may be best-suited to those who are lifetime technology fans and are already fairly tech-savvy.

Choose the Application Development Path That Is Best for Your Goals

Both application development paths offer a wealth of benefits, depending on your learning style and your goals. Talk to a Dallas IT staffing professional to determine the best choice to help you meet your career goals.