Dallas' Great Tech Migration is Moving Fast

Posted by Tommy Cabana on Dec 18, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Over the past few years, Dallas, Texas, has slowly evolved into a tech hub, attracting unique, innovative companies from across the nation. The tech industry in Dallas has started to boom as companies, big and small, flock in with the hopes of experiencing tremendous growth.

Newcomers have been unstoppable in entering into the city, resulting in what's called the 'Dallas great tech migration.' In 2019 alone, a flurry of startups and established tech companies relocated to Dallas, providing residents with unparalleled access to new jobs and benefits.

Why Dallas, Texas?

Due to Dallas' rise as a tech hub, innovation is no longer sequestered to the far reaches of the coastal cities where the rent is high, and the costs of living are skyrocketing. Currently, the tech industry in Dallas is responsible for nearly 6% of employment and 7% of office space in the city. It has drawn in large companies and has become a hot pick for top tech talent for various reasons.

For one, Dallas offers workers the opportunity to experience both a high quality of life and a lower cost of living than most tech hubs. Compared to the real estate prices in Silicon Valley or San Francisco, Dallas is much cheaper. These lower costs have played a significant role in convincing companies to locate their offices in the area. Surprisingly, even with Dallas tech migration happening, the city hasn't increased prices. This helps most companies and workers to relocate and not pay exorbitant amounts for office or living spaces.

Further, Dallas boasts unique access to a vibrant city as well as scenic nature. Dallas is home to numerous buildings that offer top-notch amenities and benefits, which have also enabled the city to both attract and retain workers. Proximity is key, and Dallas grants workers the opportunity to quickly move from their office to a running trail, outdoor area, or even a top restaurant. Dallas has become a center for innovation while also offering talented workers the chance to enjoy life outside of the office. 

How to Adapt?

With the city offering easy access to collaborative working environments, companies may need to be flexible in changing their practices to attract and retain talent. This may involve offering access to unique amenities, having a bigger and open working space that's friendly to a diverse pool of talent, or working to emphasize the positives of the company's culture. 

As Dallas remains to magnet not just more tech companies but also top workers, existing companies need to be ahead of the game. Companies must think of adapting the city's best practices or coming up with better strategies for talents to be well-engaged always.

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