Cyber Attack Predictions for 2018

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jan 26, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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Some people might be thinking that the worst is over for cyber attack trends.  The 2017 year saw a rise in hacking attempts, including a high profile breach at Equifax.  That compromise resulted in the loss of data for thousands of customers with the firm.  Several other hacks in 2017 changed the public's mood on cybersecurity itself.  More information was revealed about Russian hackers during the previous election cycle that shook the foundation of democracy in America. Americans hope that their corporations and leaders can provide a solution, but there are concerns about anticipating future threats that now loom.

Scams To Expect in 2018

Cyber attack trends are likely to continue well into 2018.  Take note of the Russian hacking attack on Wannacry and similar websites. That incident represented a major infiltration when it came to data and other sources of information overall. Company leaders will have to adapt and show that they are staying current with trends.  Leaders have already issued statements about the previous hacking attempts. It shows that people are aware that the threat still looms. It is possible that cybersecurity risks will persist well into 2018.  Security teams will have to adapt to changing trends as they happen. Even budgetary considerations will have to be reviewed once the effort is underway.  IT staffing should be a paramount concern among these different companies.

Effort To Comply With The GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was passed by the European Union recently.  Many of their companies are compliant with the GDPR changes, but U.S. companies have been slow to adapt to those kinds of regulations.  That could be problematic for U.S. companies in the future.  These teams need to realize the importance of that kind of regulation.  These are safeguards put into effect to keep IT staffing on course.  They should make a goal to keep compliant with all regulations put into effect.  Many U.S. companies want to do business in the European Union.  They will have to adapt to changing standards when it comes to the legislation itself.  Companies can take the initiative and put these changes into effect.  That may help their office stand apart from many others in the tech industry.  It could also thwart a cyber attack that is poised to happen in the future.  There are good reasons why the GDPR was put into effect.  American businesses will have to recognize that fact and just move forward if possible.

GDPR Regulators Will Close Businesses

Some fear that these GDPR regulations could have far-reaching implications that affect businesses.  These regulations have gone into effect and will change the way that people think about cybersecurity.  GDPR regulators are working to see major changes take place over time.  That could give rise to a new set of regulations that become standard in the industry.  American businesses may be slow to adapt to these new regulations imposed from abroad, but insiders think that some businesses may be punished for failure to act.  Cyber attacks are being debated within the guide of these new regulations, and it could sway decisions made by American companies in the tech industry.  Major corporations have had a contentious relationship with European regulators in the past.  They make decisions on their own and don't want to be disrupted by these new regulators.  However, they have to recognize the looming threat of a new cyber attack.  Barring a major attack, business may continue as usual, well into the next year.

Change In Password Authentication

It is normal for a cyber attack to spur a review of existing procedures in place. A cyber attack can also shake up an industry used to protection.  They value cybersecurity and want to minimize the risk of a threat.  However, there is some risk involved with password authentication used on certain websites.  These passwords need to be changed frequently and may be a hassle for people.  There are more advanced password protection methods on the rise.  Some businesses have already put these advanced protection techniques into good use that will put up a strong barrier to unauthorized access by hackers.  Hacking attempts could actually force the hand of many companies to do just that.  Wait to see whether big changes loom in the future for these business leaders.  It might influence decisions made by investors or business executives that are concerned.  Cyber attack threats have them changing their direction as well every day.

Expect State-Sponsored Attacks To Increase

Previously, the idea of a state-sponsored cyber attack seemed remote, but the rise of terrorism has also elevated the threat of a foreign cyber attack.  Leaders are waiting to see whether states are implicated in the latest cyber attack.  States like Iran and North Korea are usual suspects when it comes to an investigation, but leaders may be working to eliminate the possibility of these cyber attack suspects.  There are sanctions in effect that will dissuade rogue leaders from ordering those attacks. State-sponsored attacks can disrupt business and harm relations between many countries.  That is serious enough for anyone to do preliminary research along the way.

Increased Automation Of Threat Detection

Not surprisingly, tech companies are working to thwart cyber attack sources whenever possible, so automation tools have been used to improve the security profile of businesses.  Leaders are working to research automation methods and keep people in the loop.  Insiders expect the automation trend to continue throughout the 2018 business year.  Companies are working to put these automated methods into effect that add a new level of cybersecurity that hasn't been considered before now.  Researchers are also following these automation efforts with great interest.  Initial studies have suggested that the automation methods are successful, which bodes well for future efforts when it comes to cybersecurity.  Companies are celebrating these automation methods, especially given the success that they have had so far.

Trust May Be A Casualty

Any cyber attack may spark a war of words between big businesses, so leaders want to take proactive steps when it comes to business cybersecurity.  They also want to maintain a sense of control for the business itself.  This could spark a war that few businesses will be able to afford. A cyber attack could cause a loss of trust among business leaders.  It might sour their relationship and put a divide between big businesses on the whole.  Trust has always been an integral factor when it comes to cybersecurity. Watch to see whether trust is dropped from any agreement afterward.

It is clear that big changes are underway for the 2018 fiscal year.  A recent wave of attacks has many businesses feeling like they're under attack.  They can do their part by requesting that changes take place.  cybersecurity should be their number one goal if they want to succeed.  Improved staffing is an important step in the right direction, and it could elevate the standing of a business in their respective community.  Leaders will be recognized for the effort that they put into the task. 

Prepare For The Worst, Hope For The Best

While no one wants a cyber attack, it's better to be ready for one. Staff proactively with cybersecurity specialists, IT staff and even legal and compliance (DPO) to comply with GDPR. If you are prepared for the worst, you can have some assurance going forward, and if the worst is to come, you'll have experts ready to deal with the aftereffects. Contact ICS today to get started towards a safer future. 

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