Competitive Job Markets That Pay Well

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jul 21, 2017 2:00:00 PM

In ICS insights, hiring trends

If you've noticed, there are some jobs that are naturally more competitive than others to break into. Some jobs are limited and only have a handful of openings in your area. Why? Because they are jobs that people do not want to leave due to high salaries and coveted positions. Recently, Glassdoor has released a list of 20 most in-demand jobs that pay over $100,000. This list is indicative of the jobs out there that are hard to come by and therefore a sellers market. There will be plenty of talent to find for these positions and it can be tasking for any company to sift through all the candidates to get through to the best ones. 

The following positions made the list:

20. Software Engineer
19. Technical Project Manager
18. Hardware Engineer
17. Software Engineering Manager
16. Design Manager
15. Financial Planning and Analysis Manager 
14. Product Manager
13. Product Marketing Manager
12. Technology Manager
11. Management Consultant
10. Patent Attorney
9. Engineering Manager
8. Medical Science Liaison 
7. Finance Manager
6. Procurement Manager
5. Pharmacist
4. Supply Chain Manager
3. Data Scientist
2. IT Manager
1. Creative Manager

This list shouldn't surprise most, but it is a wake up call for those who are entering the workforce this year or for those that have to hire these positions. You will need a firm process in place to handle an influx of candidates that these positions attract. Infinity Consulting Solutions can be part of that process.  We can screen candidates and deliver the best candidates for the job without you breaking a sweat. Let us help you find talent today.

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