Colorado's Hiring Activity is Booming

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Sep 8, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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While there are areas across the country where hiring - and being hired - is tough right now, several recent studies have confirmed what many Colorado employers and residents already knew: The Centennial State is a great place to be, whether you are an employing company or are an employee looking for a new position.

For Colorado employers hiring to fill science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) roles, there are simply not enough qualified candidates to go around.

What the Studies Revealed

In June, the Denver Business Journal reported on a recent WalletHub study that identified Colorado as the second-most attractive state in the country for employment, behind Washington state. That study examined 24 factors including median annual income, unemployment rate, employment growth, commute time, and job opportunities. In fact, Colorado came in first in the nation for available job opportunities, and an unemployment rate that ranked sixth-best in the country. 

Just three months earlier, in March, the Denver Post reported on an another study in which Colorado was ranked tenth in the U.S. for gainful employment. The state's 64.7 percent employment-to-population ratio is impacted, in part, by the number of people who choose to retire in the state, as well as small-business owners and other entrepreneurs who may not be accurately represented. Colorado's ranking on the same employment scale in 2015 was 64.8 percent, so the number has not changed meaningfully. 

Some fields and occupations are much more competitive than others. A recent Denver Post Article reported that STEM job openings in Colorado - those in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math far outpace the number of unemployed workers available to fill them. In fact, there were 15.3 STEM job openings for every unemployed STEM candidate in 2016. This ratio is higher than the national average, which is 13 to one. Employers looking to attract skilled workers need to make sure their offers, benefits packages and work environment are designed to attract - and retain - workers.

The Most Competitive Jobs in Colorado Today

The most in-demand jobs in Colorado as of April 2017, as provided by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, include STEM jobs (the fifth- and sixth-most in-demand careers) and non-STEM positions, as follows: 

1. Registered nurses

2. Tractor-trailer and other heavy truck drivers

3. Retail salespeople

4. Retail supervisors and managers

5. Network and computer systems administrators

6. Application software developers

7. Supervisors for food preparation and serving roles

8. Customer service representatives

9. Office and administrative supervisors (first-line supervisors)

10. General maintenance and repair workers 

ICS Can Help Meet Your Organization's Staffing Needs

With an office in Denver, Infinity Consulting Solutions (ICS) is in the heart of Colorado's hiring action, positioned to introduce high-quality, skilled workers to Colorado employers. More than a typical staffing agency, ICS goes beyond where our competition's services stop. We hand-pick and pre-screen every candidate so we can feel confident connecting them with employers. We can help you meet contract, temporary-to-permanent, permanent placement and even employer-of-record payroll services.

Whether you need to add additional Information Technology staff for a short-term or ongoing engagement, need to replace Accounting & Finance personnel, want to create a more robust Compliance & Legal team or simply need additional employees for Corporate Support roles, ICS can help. To find out for yourself why ICS is one of the nation's top staffing and recruiting agencies, contact us in our Denver office at (720) 403-8200 today.

We also have an established presence in seven other locations across the country, including New York, Washington, D.C., Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Minneapolis. Colorado-based companies with a national footprint can count on the same great service when it comes to meeting staffing needs.

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