CIO’s Find Themselves in a Tight Situation

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jun 12, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Are you currently in the United States job market? If so, one of the first things you should understand is that it’s definitely a geek’s job paradise right now. With numerous companies’ projects missing major key points because of shortfalls in their technology and IT staff’s skills, many CIO professionals are hiring quickly and offering higher wages and more perks to find the talent needed.

The majority of organizations currently have the managerial and c-suite positions covered. However, the need is growing for hiring at the staff level, especially in the area of IT professionals who have a specific talent for technological initiatives. Many companies are working to fill permanent staff positions by the mid-part of the summer, but freelance and contractor roles will remain in demand. That's something that’s projected to be on the uptick for the remainder of the year.

Skills Shortage

In the initial three months of 2019, there were approximately 20,600 new IT jobs created. The issue for many companies is the skill shortage present. Due to this skill shortage, there are many projects that still miss key early benchmark dates due to improper staffing.

There are several ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and blockchain positions that are still unfilled. Additionally, some organizations are beginning to see an increase in overall attrition rates for these positions. The fact is, the shortage isn’t just limited to these particular skills sets, as business analysts and programmers of all types are also in pretty high demand right now.

Money Isn't Everything

While this is true, most employers would need to know that higher-than-normal starting salaries alone aren’t typically enough to encourage IT grunts to come on board. Many prefer to work for companies that exhibit positive approaches to each staff member by helping to maintain a healthy work and life balance. A positive company culture is something many IT candidates are looking for in the job market.

Attracting new talent to work for a company requires a more inventive approach and a wider array of appealing perks. For many companies, this presents a challenge, as their ability to provide this level of “extras” for new employees is limited by HR and set company rules. However, it will be much easier to find the needed high-quality IT talent that will ensure the ongoing success of projects taken on by companies and organizations.

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