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Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Mar 8, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Emerging technologies are at the forefront of modern business. Specifically, artificial intelligence (AI) is a fast growing part of many companies across all industries. This means that if you want to keep up with the market, you will need to put more focus on AI.

When you think about AI, it is easy to see why so many companies are changing their strategies and increasing their budget for emerging technologies. AI can help in many ways, such as boosting positive customer experience, streamlining workflow processes, and making data storage more efficient. By being able to integrate the latest technologies, you will be able to develop a competitive edge.

A diverse team will include roles that will help build the AI for the company, as well as execute and monitor it. Here are the specific jobs that you will want to look into:

  • Artificial Intelligence Architect - An AI architect is quite a crucial role in an organization’s team. The architects are responsible for reviewing the business, its processes, and identifying where AI can be most helpful. These positions are usually held by individuals with a process engineering background. They help to scale a company's AI and monitor its success over time. Judging from popular job board websites, it appears that there is currently a huge need for recruits in this role. There are a large number of unfilled positions at companies of varying industries.
  • Artificial Intelligence  Product Manager - An AI product manager is responsible for ensuring that all solutions are operating successfully and to scale. They communicate with all business teams and human resources to make sure all moving parts of the organization are working at their optimum. There is also a high demand for this role, according to popular online job boards.
  • Data Scientist - A data scientist will generally have a background in mathematics, computer science, or statistics. They are highly analytical and able to interpret complex data into stats. Data scientists present their findings to businesses in order to help them better develop strategies moving forward.
  • Software Engineer - Software engineers work very closely with data scientists to bring the Artificial Intelligence projects into production. The duties of the software engineer are to manage the software that tells the computer what to do, from inception to execution. In other words, the software engineer will write the code, debug it, test it out, and then monitor its performance. There is also a high demand for this role in AI teams of all industries.
  • Artificial Intelligence Ethicist - An AI ethicist is a vital part of the AI team, especially as Artificial Intelligence becomes a bigger part of companies across the board. This role will make sure that businesses are their AI usage complements their code of ethics. In fact, they will set up the framework with regard to the standards of the company and see to it that these guidelines are followed. It would be easy for the team leader to take on this responsibility in the beginning. That said, once the team grows, it would be a good idea to assign the task to one person as his/her main responsibility.

Artificial Intelligence is quickly becoming a large focus of many businesses in varying industries. As companies are putting more and more of their budget toward AI and building out AI teams, we will begin to see a rise in demand for these roles to be filled. 

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