Can’t Keep Up With HR Changes? Change The Way You Resource Humans

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Mar 17, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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Do you have time to learn every new change and trend in your field?  Let’s take a look at your schedule:  

  • Morning> Busy with meetings 
  • Lunch... (If you're lucky) 
  • Afternoon> Drowning in work 

Not much time left in there to educate or recruit.  If you’re a hiring manager, you know all too well the hectic schedule and demands of the hiring process, not to mention doing the daily paperwork to meet compliance standards.  It leaves very little time for you to recruit and building that relationship is a huge investment of your time.  When you find yourself in a time crunch, and you’re failing to keep up with the new administration in the White House, it’s only natural to seek outside help.  But who are you going to call?  The ghostbusters of HR: Recruitment agencies. 

But what can recruitment and staffing agencies do for you?   

Tons. This can include anything from payroll to background checks, or even pre-screening candidates.  If you can think of it, an agency probably offers this service.  No one would blame you for wanting to get ahead in the shifting terrain of the HR world.  Let’s explore this new brave new world together. 


New Administration Trumps The Old Ways 

Now, more than ever, awareness of new policies is key. It seems like every day there is a new executive order changing the way American business will work.  Even indirect laws can have a weighted effect on the hiring process. Businesses will be seeing the fruits and spoils of these new policies.  The demands of HR and compliance are going to increase.  Gone are the days of hiring people and leaving it at that. HR will need to get strategic and recruiting agencies can handle that burden.  Compliance is always changing and agencies like the NLBR, EEOC, and OSHA will not give you a pass for ignorance.  Here is just a taste of what’s next: 

-Minimum wage changes could lead to either a hiring splurge or layoffs. There’s nothing like price reduction to encourage employers to recruit more employees.  In addition, if full-time salaries decrease, they’ll be a reduction of numbers of part-time and contingent workers. 

-Reform in H-1B visas (changes in eligibility requirements, increasing minimum salary level, and removing the Masters’ degree exemption) will cause significant changes in the consideration of candidates. This will have an impact on innovation across the board for companies that rely on highly skilled foreign contingent labor. 

-Tax reforms will allow businesses to expand and hire more people to keep up with workflow. Until the new markets are established, the contingent workforce will take over.  The recent tax reform updates from President Trump have instilled newfound confidence in businesses, thus resulting in the influx of temporary workers. 


Reflect Your Best Image 

After all, HR’s role is to facilitate change.  Shouldn’t your recruiting reflect that?  Recruiting is at the forefront of HR and according to an article on Fistful of Talent, “It provides the most visible and immediate impact to an organization.”   Your recruiting process starts the engagement, ensures the right fit, builds trust, makes the first impression, and gets the facetime you need to train leads. 

If you need more convincing, the article goes on to say, “50% of the candidates surveyed stated if their recruiting experience were bad they would NEVER reapply again.” When the reward and risk are so high, why would you entrust your greatest task to anyone but a recruiting agency?  Good employees don’t necessarily need your company, but your company will need good employees. 


The Government Isn't The Only One Watching 

In order to land the BEST employees, you’re going to need to do a lot more than just interview them. While compliance standards go up, you’ll also have to deal with the increasing needs of the contingent workforce and the client.  The client will not want to get hit with fines and penalties because HR couldn’t figure out the appropriate taxes withheld, which compensation coverage to apply, or what qualifies as appropriate firing practices.  

You’re also going to need to understand your cultural differentiators and hire candidates that live by the same values. The key to detecting that is time to build that relationship, but not many places can do that with their day to day schedules.  Your relationships with employees should be responsive and personal, not automated and cold. That just breeds bad PR that can deter other high caliber candidates from applying to your company. Your boss won’t be impressed with subpar candidates and it’s already a war for talent.  You can bet that he won’t be pleased if they also file a complaint with the government. That’s where the recruiters come in to bat for the fences. 

If you want to start building a bridge towards a better recruitment process, one that will improve your company’s reputation and your own, give our contact page a visit.