Big Tech is No Longer a West Coast Exclusive

Posted by Bob Hickey on Oct 30, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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For years, the West Coast has historically served as a hub for big technology. However, certain conditions in this area are causing a shift in its status as a home of big tech. As tech companies continue to diversify and enter innovative, complex tech fields, they have started to look into Northern Virginia's direction. With its federal investments and vast talent pool, Northern Virginia has emerged as a new home for big tech, and it's expected to continue doing so in the future.

What's Happening Out West

Over the past decade, the West Coast developed into one of the top spots for tech businesses. However, Seattle, San Francisco, and Silicon Valley have quickly reached their capacity for housing these businesses and their employees. The three cities are now lacking in quality space, resulting in skyrocketing rent prices along with increased expenses. It has become difficult for employees to afford these living conditions, creating talent shortages across the West Coast and making it more challenging for big tech companies to hire top candidates. The costs are rapidly overshadowing the benefits of living in these cities. As a result, many are wary that the West Coast might be unable to sustain massive tech growth.

Why Northern Virginia?

Aside from the lack of talent along the West Coast, big tech companies are also leaning toward diversification into complex sub-sectors, such as cybersecurity, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence. And Northern Virginia can offer just that. With its government contracts that paved the way for federal spending in cybersecurity and cloud in the area, Northern Virginia has been groomed as a hub for complex big tech fields within the last decade.

Since Northern Virginia is home to a variety of federal agencies, companies also have a fair chance of getting government deals. In fact, companies in the Dulles tech corridor already secured a 37% market share of all federal technology contracts. Additionally, as federal agencies increase spends in cloud and cybersecurity, companies in this region will continue to benefit.

A Diverse Talent Pool and Employer Market

In Northern Virginia, big tech companies not only have potential federal investments but also a pool of highly skilled workers. The region is one that has the most talented tech pool, which makes it easier for companies to hire top candidates. Northern Virginia has more than 60 higher education institutions and existing highly skilled workers who are already handling government projects. This quality talent pool will more likely get high demand from big tech businesses that are filling Northern Virginia now and in the future.

As of 2019, technology offices already occupy nearly 70% of the 28 million square feet of space in Northern Virginia. Soon, the unoccupied portions are foreseen to be filled with big tech companies. Even though Northern Virginia is popular in specialized tech, a diverse range of tech companies is already present in the region's market. This variety of employers is expected to contribute promising opportunities and make Northern Virginia a rich hub for innovation.


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