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When you're ready to explore web development and already know HTML and computer science basics, the next best step is learning JavaScript (JS). It's used to create and improve interactive websites. There are a lot of paid and free options open to learning JavaScript online.

On the one hand, free sites only cost a little time and willingness to learn. The paid sites are suitable for all professionals who need a structured introduction to JS. The price for paid sites is worth it if they meet your objectives. For example, if you want a certification in JavaScript, you probably need to pay for classes.

JavaScript Runs the Web

Technology isn't just about the future; it's about right now. Are you looking to start a new career without going into debt from student loans? Maybe your goal is to try out something new without a full commitment. Investing in your education is never a bad idea, and JavaScript looks great on any resume.

Learn JavaScript Online With Free Resources

If you write code, you already have patience and self-discipline. Because of this, you can learn JavaScript in no time. Here are some of the best sites to explore:

  • Codecademy. If you are self-taught, chances are you already know about this site. The platform provides a JavaScript track. Codecademy works well for newbies just learning how to code.
  • "Eloquent JavaScript" is a free book you can access online.  Author Marijn Haverbeke breaks down the language, browser, and node concepts. You can also buy it as a paperback.  
  • Khan Academy is a big fish in online learning. It has massive amounts of learning material for any age group. It doesn't cost a dime, and there are no upsells. Check out their Intro to JS: Drawing & Animation.
  • "JavaScript for Cats" comes with cat pics. It claims that "your human companion could do it, too!" 
  • Channel 9. The effective and popular "JavaScript Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners," produced by Channel 9 is listed on the Microsoft Virtual Academy. Learn JavaScript in 21 videos.
  • is an interactive learning opportunity that lets you read a lesson and type into a code editor. 
  • Code School is mostly a paid platform, but the free courses are valuable, especially  "JavaScript Road Trip Part I" and Code School and its JavaScript paths.
  • JavaScript Garden is geared toward more advanced coders, and you should know JavaScript basics before attempting it. It helps you avoid common mistakes and some of the language's quirks. 
  • Mozilla Developer Network. If you're new to the realm of development entirely, Mozilla has a beginner's JavaScript course that lets you catch up quickly. Lessons increase in complexity through the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels.

Paid Resources for Learning JavaScript

Don't overlook paid options to pick up this valuable tool. First, if you need a certification to freshen up your resume, this is right for you. Paid classes go in-depth on the subject, and many help you get a certification in JavaScript. 

  • Frontend Masters has a great course offering called "JavaScript and the Web," a series of video classes that include input from Douglas Crockford, who wrote "JavaScript: The Good Parts." In the videos, you'll learn how JavaScript evolved, as well as its syntax, language, and special functions. You get 11 hours of film showing you how to navigate the language. He also explains servers, security, and browsers. FrontEnd Masters has subscription plans for $39 a month that lets you access additional content on the site.
  • Udacity has courses you complete at your own pace. They are always available. Take a course you find useful and repeat it or refer back to it any time you wish. The classes cost nothing, but the site's Nanodegree certification and an available tutoring program can run you $200 a month.
  • Code School. Start with the free "JavaScript Road Trip Part 1" course, then continue via paid courses that net you a course completion badge. This isn't a certification, but it does provide employers with an assurance that you know JavaScript basics, syntax, variables, files, and how to use values. Courses offered have a hybrid format including instructional videos and code challenges. You pay $29 per month for unlimited access to 256 screencasts and 72 courses.
  • leads to a JavaScript Developer Certificate that serves as a credential that you've mastered the fundamental knowledge of web development via HTML DOM and JavaScript. A JavaScript Tutorial complete with quizzes helps you study for the certification, and there's an online exam you take from home. The total cost for this certificate program is $95.
  • CIW's JavaScript Specialist helps you prep for a coveted certification as a CIW JavaScript Specialist. Before you attempt this course, make sure you are familiar with internet usage, developing web pages, and configuring networks. You should also know HTML code going into this intermediate course, which costs $150.
  • National Computer Science Academy has JavaScript training certification and materials. You can get unlimited access to the certifications and courses starting at $99.

Downloadable and Offline Resources

Here are some books that can get you away from the computer. This poolside reading can advance your career, so buy or download one of them today to learn JavaScript the old-fashioned way.

"JavaScript: The Good Parts" is a mini book written by Douglas Crockford. It shows you the core features of the powerful language. The book is likely to puzzle new learners, and it is better suited for advanced coders.

"Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, 3rd Edition"  is a valuable e-book you can download. Study it when you're offline. It has a developer-level intro and is ideal for experienced JavaScripters. This comprehensive book is way above beginner level. The 960-page book is available for purchase in paperback form.

"The Modern JavaScript Tutorial" is an ePub or PDF downloadable that acts as a tutorial for a swathe of JavaScript topics. Learn the fundamentals, such as data types, objects, classes, code quality, advanced work with functions, inheritance, and error handling. Move through the range from beginner to more advanced concepts. You pay $18 for the download.


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