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Hiring for Culture Fit Doesn't Need to Be Controversial

The trend of hiring for diversity and culture fit is causing controversy, but it doesn't need to. While hiring managers recognize the importance of this popular hiring factor, they also encounter one problem with it: many do not fully understand culture fit leading to misconceptions.

So what exactly is a culture fit, and how can businesses benefit from it?

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How to Overcome Resume Gaps When Hiring

When a job candidate has gaps in their employment history, recruiters and hiring managers take noticebut not in a good way. Recruiters like to see full work histories, and they worry when candidates have gaps in employment.

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Soon, You Won't Need to Disclose Your Salary History in New Jersey

Most working professionals have been there—that awkward moment when filling out an application with salaries from past positions or answering during an interview when the hiring manager asks what you're currently earning. We know the consequences of disclosing the numbers. Either your application won't make it to the next level if you tell a large rate, or if you tell too little, you might be confined to receiving much less than what you should.

But not in New Jersey. The requirement to disclose salary to potential employers there will now change.

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