August ADP Jobs Report

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Aug 30, 2017 12:00:00 PM

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ADP has put out it's last job report for August! What does this mean for the job market and your company? Well, the private sector add 237,000 new jobs this month and it indicates yet another strong month of hiring. This number is over the expected count of 185,000 new jobs, but it stays consistent with the numbers over June and July

When the numbers are broken down, large businesses had the most gain at 115,000, while small businesses only grew 48,000. The goods producing sector was beat out again by the service providing sector. 204,000 jobs were produced for service-providing with the most stemming from Trade/transportation/utilities. The professional/business services and administrative/support services both saw noticeable gains. 

Further records show that ADP's August report had the biggest monthly increase in five months. However, there are concerns about a labor shortage. With the unemployment rate down, companies are finding it very hard to find adequate talent. Having a strong network is very important in this time. A network of talent like one found at a recruiting agency is exactly what will be needed in the months ahead when it comes to staffing. 

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