Are You Confounded by Millennial Workers?  These Millennial Management Tips Will Help

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Dec 15, 2016 9:00:00 AM

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Millennials now account for a larger percentage of the workforce than their baby boomer parents. The millennial cohort will shape work culture more than any other cohort for decades to come. If you find it difficult to manage these youngsters, you are not alone. Plenty of millennials fancy themselves as special snowflakes. Some are unruly. Others are finicky. Yet with a little bit of strategy and preparation, you can manage millennials quite effectively. Here's how to do it.

Millennials Value the Common Good so You Should Too

Millennials tend to be very caring people. Though they haven't completely shunned capitalism, they certainly promote the common good more than other age cohorts. Millennials are socially conscious in all sorts of ways. They look for organic food sourced from businesses that pay a living wage. They prefer to work for environmentally responsible companies that don't force sub-par working conditions on third world laborers. Make your company more compassionate and you will satisfy millennials. In a nutshell, this means asking millennials how they feel about work policies as well as particular causes. Adjust your company's policies accordingly.

A Work-Life Balance

Many millennials grew up in households where their baby boomer parents were hardly ever around due to the demands of work. As a result, millennials value employment that allows a considerable amount of personal time. A large portion of these youngsters have delayed home ownership, marriage and the rearing of children due to student loans and also because they are seeking to enjoy life in their own special way. Do not demand that your millennial workers put in overtime on a regular basis. They already work hard enough for their money and they want to have fun spending it. Provide them with work-life balance and they will reward you with improved workplace efficiency and also be more inclined to remain with the company. 

Millennials Desire Frequent Feedback

After 18 years of receiving grades in school, millennials have been socially trained to expect consistent feedback regarding their performance. Furthermore, most millennials have grown accustomed to cooperating in a team environment. You can retain your valued millennial workers if you conduct frequent performance reviews and provide them with the opportunity to collaborate with others. Performance evaluations do not necessarily have to be rife with flowery language and praise. Millennials respond to honest feedback that is provided in a constructive manner.

A Nomadic Existence

Millennials tend to move from job to job and city to city. They desire a well-rounded life experience with new opportunities and challenges. If you make an effort to prevent the work routine from becoming overly static in nature, your organization will stand a better chance of retaining your millennial workers. Don't blame millennials for thinking that the grass is always greener on the other side. They grew up in a topsy-turvy world in which job security does not exist. Generate clear career paths for your millennials, make the work day as dynamic as possible and they won't be as tempted to go back to school or find a new job.

If you are afraid of feeling blindsided by millennial job-hoppers or if you have been burned in the past, you should know help is available. The challenge of filling an opening due to a millennial departure won't be nearly as pressure-packed if you ally with a staffing firm. Reach out to a staffing firm for assistance with filling your new openings and those jobs will be filled with qualified workers as soon as possible.

Millennials' Tech Emphasis

Millennials are obsessed with technology. They grew up with video games, computers and cell phones. They used these devices at home and in school. Update your company's tech on a regular basis and provide millennials with the opportunity to flex their tech muscles. Do not hesitate to pair up millennials with older employees so they can exchange information and wisdom in a mutually beneficial manner.

Help is Available!

Millennials are a bit nomadic when it comes to work. They are highly inclined to hop from one job to the next until they find the opportunity they have long coveted. Some millennials won't hesitate to jump from job to job even when they are satisfied with their current position. The bottom line is that millennials aren't afraid of change. If you are having trouble finding the right talent, you should know that help is available. 

In today's workplace, Millennials are more inclined to jump from job to job. If you are having trouble finding the right talent to fill in these gaps,  Contact ICS to help.