Are GlassDoor and LinkedIn Hurting Your Job Search?

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Nov 11, 2015 8:38:00 AM

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Stop letting the Internet hurt your job search.

Jobseekers often use the Internet as a fast and easy way to make connections and find job openings. While this is a good strategy, at ICS we always recommend working with a recruiter with close client relationships in your field of choice in addition to tools available on the Internet. GlassDoor and LinkedIn do promise to help you build your career, they may also make your job search less effective.


An Obvious Bias

Often promoted as an informational resource for jobseekers, GlassDoor offers salary information, job interview tips, and the ability to apply directly to jobs via the site. The most popular feature however is the company review feature, which allows you to read company reviews posted by current and former employees, giving you an insider's look at a company and how they treat their employees. This can hurt your job search as the reviews sometimes can contain invalid or biased information that may influence your decision about whether or not to apply for a job and skew your attitude towards a company.


The website also does not vet the reviews posted, allowing almost anyone to pose as an employee of that company. As a result, jobseekers don’t have a way to validate whether the thousands of reviews are coming from genuine employees, adding difficulty for job seekers to decipher whether reviews are genuine or simply false statements made about a potential employer. 

Pay to Play

Additionally, something to consider while reviewing the website, is that Glassdoor offers employers the option to pay a fee for the privilege of filtering our certain unfavorable reviews,  improving the appearance of their brand. With so much uncertainty around the accuracy of company reviews, you can be easily hurting your job search by bypassing great companies to work for if you place too much credibility on the unvetted opinions expressed online.


Not to be a Sole Provider

Marketed as a career-oriented social destination, LinkedIn does provide many meaningful contributions to your job search. However, LinkedIn may also be hurting your job search and should not be solely relied upon as a job search tool. Again, at ICS we always recommend working with a headhunter that has deep personal connections with people in the field you are looking to go into. 

Payment Needed

LinkedIn, the digital rolodex, does not allow recruiters to utilize their own data to find desirable recruits and applicants, unless they pay a fee, leaving the value of the website underutilized by many and putting you out of reach for valuable employment opportunities. This online rolodex becomes a resume database that must be paid for, which hurts your job search results.

Now that you know about the ways popular career websites can frustrate you during your job search, proceed with caution.

Don't Count Recruiters Out

Both GlassDoor and LinkedIn are very viable, and have a place during your job search. However, neither should be relied upon solely, which is one of the biggest mistakes we see job seekers and internal Human Resources organizations making: relying upon one channel for recruitment and attracting talent.

Recruiting and the job search should be an omni-channel endeavor. Stay aware of the fact that the Internet might hurt you more than it helps.  Find a good Recruiter and work with more than one. You should always have multiple options.

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