Apache Cassandra Career Opportunities in 2018

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jan 5, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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The Big Data market is expected to grow to an enormous $3 billion by the end of 2018, which can mean only one thing - career opportunities in Apache Cassandra will grow right along with it. Businesses need knowledgeable, driven professionals who can not just handle big data, but who can use it to solve the very big data problems that these organizations now face. Whether you're working directly with a staffing agency or are about to sit down with an IT staffing professional for a job interview, knowing as much as possible about your professional opportunities in Apache Cassandra is the key to building the career you've always wanted for yourself moving forward.

The Salary Implications of a Career in Apache Cassandra

The most important question that most people have when it comes to career opportunities in Apache Cassandra can be summed up in a single word: salary. The good news is that not only has the average salary of professionals in this field been growing steadily since 2014, but job demand has as well. According to one recent study, the current salary average was $121,000 in 2017 - a number that is expected to climb accordingly over the next few years.

A Career With Many Different Paths

Part of the reason why people are attracted to Apache Cassandra careers in the first place has to do with versatility. Advancing your skills opens you up to a wide range of different opportunities for you to choose from depending on your needs. Apache Cassandra jobs are spread across many industries, including but not limited to ones like Financial Services, General Computer Software, Information Technology and Related Services, Internet jobs and more. In fact, it's very easy to completely shift the course of your career as needed while still staying within the opportunities that Apache Cassandra will open up for you.

Additionally, there has been a recent spike in demand for Apache Cassandra professionals with moderate-to-advanced NoSQL skills - something that wasn't necessarily true even a year ago. It's also important to understand that there is currently something of a skills gap when it comes to the larger NoSQL industry. There are simply more positions that require this knowledge than there are professionals available to fill them. While the industry has begun to take steps to help close this skills gap, for the next few years, in particular, this concept will instantly help to elevate you in terms of most positions that you would apply for. So not only could this specific focus help get you in the door and in front of an IT staffing person at a company, but it will simultaneously act as the quality on your resume that really helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

If you already have certifications in areas like Hadoop, SQL Server, Oracle, and MongoDB, making an effort to advance your expertise in NoSQL can absolutely make you more attractive to staffing professionals everywhere. When constructing your resume, you should absolutely highlight your Apache Cassandra expertise as much as possible for these reasons.

Positions That Depend on Apache Cassandra

Along the same lines, there are a number of unique job roles that you could apply for within the aforementioned industries that make Cassandra a very rewarding career path. Going through the training necessary to become an expert in Cassandra opens you up to positions like a Developer, a Database Administrator, a Data Architect, a Solution Architect, a Performance Tester, a Data Engineer, a Functional Tester and many others.

Your Future (Potential) Employer

Deep knowledge in Apache Cassandra also gives you an opportunity to work with some of the biggest corporations that exist on planet Earth today. A number of incredibly famous technology companies, in particular, have adopted Apache Cassandra, including but not limited to social networking giants like Facebook and Twitter, technology leaders like Apple, IBM and Cisco, and even entertainment companies like Netflix. Apple, for example, uses 100,000 Cassandra nodes on a daily basis - though it has been less forthcoming about what products, services or features are actually enabled by this. Facebook depends heavily on Apache Cassandra to power its Inbox Search functionality with over 200 nodes of its own.

eBay, Reddit, and Rackspace are further examples of companies that are always on the lookout for new and viable Apache Cassandra professionals.

The Future of Your Career Begins Here

In a lot of ways, making an effort to learn Apache Cassandra may be the turning point in your career that you've been looking for. Not only is it currently in-demand as a skill set, but that demand is only expected to increase as time goes on as the need for valuable big data professionals does the same. Regardless of what your career priorities actually are - whether you're primarily concerned with salary or you want the opportunity to work with a famous company like eBay or Netflix - it's safe to say that Apache Cassandra checks a lot of different boxes, all at the same time.

Moving forward with this skillset will set you up with plenty of success throughout your career. Right now, ICS can help you find the job you want. We have plenty of open jobs waiting to be filled by candidates like yourself. If you are ready to take the next step in your career, you should apply to one of our jobs. Be prepared for opportunities to keep knocking on your door. 

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