An Introvert's Guide To Finding A Job

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Oct 5, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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Finding a job can be hard for those who considered themselves to be more introverted. Surface level questions are not an introvert's bread and butter, however those types of questions are often found in interviews and office settings. An introvert's desire is to get below the surface and find meaning. This is a great trait to have as an employee, but may not win you an interview or job offer. While looking for a job, use the current system to your advantage. Here's your guide to navigating today's job search. 

1. Figure Out What The End Goal Looks Like

Do you want to work from home all the time, or are you looking to branch out at a company? This will dictate a big chunk of your search. There are even some jobs that can offer you the best of both worlds, but you'll have to look harder for those looking to accomadate. You may also be looking for a more independent role vs a team role. These are all things to consider when you start your search. It's up to you how far you want to step out of your comfort zone. 

2. Use Online Sources To Find Your Niche

It used to be an actual in person job search, but with the help of mobile applications and online resources, you'll find yourself more online than onsite. It's possible to look on specialty sites for remote work, or even filter your search to certain positions. With so many options and filters, you can definitely find what you're looking for and more. In addition to that, having a website to give yourself a brand is also a great idea to let your personality shine through outside of the interview. An online portfolio can even be used to go deeper than the surface level of your own work and allow you to speak over audio file.  This creates a safe place for you to plan what you're going to say before you actually say it.

3. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Planning and preparing is an introvert's best friend when it comes to interacting with other people. The interviewing process can be nervewracking as it is, but it's even more so when you go in unprepared. Practice mock interviews, even if it's just between you and the mirror. Prepare for any and all questions you may be asked. To further your success, carry a notebook for notes and write down any questions you may have ahead of time. The night before, make sure you have everything in place such as your resume, cover letter, and references. Having a copy of your resume in front of you during the interview will be a great reference point if you become nervous. Remember that your interviewer is only human as well and will appreciate your candor and sincerity if you admit to your nervous state. You must keep in mind that they are looking for you to succeed. They want to find someone to fill this job as much as you want the job. 

Wherever you end up working, know that your introvertedness will be an asset to any company. There's a need for what comes naturally to you and only you can give it to them. Remember that the next time you are nervous about an interview. Contact us to see what jobs are open for your skills and needs. 

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