10 Things Amazon Prime Day Taught Me About How to Be A Better Applicant

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jul 13, 2018 12:00:00 PM

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As we all know, Amazon Prime Day is approaching, and that means hours of prep to get the best deals. But did you know that some of the things you do to prepare for this day can also help you with your job search? It’s priming you to be a better applicant. The two, while completely different scenarios, are rather similar in process. 
Sound strange? Let’s go through the job application process and see if it sounds familiar:

Start Your Search

searchIt all starts here. You go to the search bar at the top of the page, and you type in exactly what you’re looking for or at least an industry you’re interested in that will narrow down the search. Perhaps you even do a boolean search to narrow down the field. Whether you use LinkedIn, Google, Monster, or Indeed, each job search site will have its own fields for a successful search. Unlike the mess that is Amazon’s search bar function, some of these job sites will give you exactly what you are looking for the first time. Remember to make sure your keywords are direct and specific enough to find the jobs you want. 

Do Your Research

researchThe next step after you’ve opened about 10,000 tabs on your browser is to start doing your research. Your research will inform you whether to move on in the process. The first thing to check is the job description. Is it something you qualify for at this present time? A key part to look at is the requirements section for years of experience needed and education requested. There may also be a certification requirement or industry preference. Beyond that, look at the responsibilities of the job and see if you can do the tasks at hand. If it seems to be too much or too little, pass up the job. After you’ve assessed the role, look into the employer. Is the company the right size, will it give you the growth you want, how’s the culture, is there a chance for temp-to-perm work? These are all valid and important questions to ask about a company. If you don’t ask now, you’ll regret it later.

Check Reviews

reviewsThis next step requires you to dig a little deeper. What are people saying? Have they endorsed the advertised culture or are they skeptical? Have people had negative experiences dealing with the company? When you’re checking out a potential employer, it pays to see what other people are saying. Their experiences could inform your decision and ultimately sway you towards or away from that option. Sometimes a one star review has some truth to it. Don’t go by just one review though. Try to find reviews on different sites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Google, or Social Media. Leave no stone unturned to get the full story.

Save as Favorite

Once you’ve whittled down your options, you’ll want to save them to your favorites. Whether you are creating a wishlist on Amazon or adding a job posting to your favorites on your browser, you’re ensuring that you can return to what you liked. It would be a shame to not remember where you found the perfect job. Make sure you use a subfolder name to remember why you liked that job. This will save you time later when you don’t have to remember. 

remindersSet Reminders

Don’t save it and forget it. Set reminders for yourself. I’s important to stay on tp of your applications. You don’t want any opportunity to pass you by and get picked up by someone else who was more prepared. There may be a limited amount of roles, so timing is critical. Do what you can to get ahead. Just like deals, job opportunities have deadlines. Missing one could cost you your career.

Get Organized

organizedYou can even go farther than setting reminders and get in touch with your OCD side by creating a spreadsheet to keep track of all the jobs you applied to already. You’ll appreciate the order when there are reminders going off left and right. Take control of the situation and show up prepared. It may be a tad extra, but who will be laughing when you get the best offers. Try columns that include the company name, your primary contact, their email or contact information, what date you applied, the status of the application, and where the company is located. Staying organized will help you keep focused and stop you from feeling overwhelmed.

Schedule Out Your Time


Time is precious, and you need to designate some for planning. Now, whether that’s figuring out when you’re going to apply to the jobs or interview on-site, it all requires balancing out your schedule. Put the time in to make time for what’s important. Keep your calendar open for last minute interviews as well, but try to schedule interviews for a time when you know you can focus and not have any conflicts. We don’t recommend rescheduling an interview for a Prime package delivery, but that’s just us. 


commitAt some point, you’ll have to pull the trigger. Showing up to the actual interview prepared and in proper attire would signify you are committing to a job. This is what all that research has culminated to; and you should be confident in your decisions at this point. Exude confidence and commitment to the role when you’re in the interview. No one wants to hire a wishy-washy candidate. All companies want to be number one on your list, so make them believe that by asking great questions and preparing for the common interview questions


In all the planning, remember to follow up. This means to keep track of where you are in the process and 
follow up with the interviewer. Follow-up is essential to making sure everything is going according to plan and keeps your head in the game. The spreadsheet could actually come into play here to keep track of where everything sits currently. You’ll thank yourself later for following up when you sit at your new desk on day one. Again, companies love candidates that are involved in the process. Show them this by sending out thank you emails after the interview, expressing you're still interested in the role after a week, calling up the company for updates, or sending the interviewer a thoughtful note in the mail. There are countless ways to stay on top of the process after the final interview. 

Wait for the Pay-Off

wait-pay-offAt this point, there’s only one thing to do: Wait. Just like you wait for a package to arrive, wait for the company to offer the job to you. If it doesn't happen soon, continue to follow up, but at some point, there will be an ending to this process. You could even have multiple job offers, but only one will be accepted. Whatever happens, you may even want to write your own review of your experience. We hope it’s a good one.  What happens if you don’t get the offer? Start the process over again. The investment will pay off eventually. 

Not Getting the Best Offers?

It’s easy to accept the first offer that comes your way, but are you getting the best deal? Just like you’d shop around for a product, you should be doing your research on how to get the ultimate outcome in your job search. ICS can help with the right connections and help you get the best offer from employers. We know where to look, and we know the process in and out. Not sure what to do next? Click below to start your search. Prime offers await you.

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