ADP Jobs Report: April 2017

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on May 5, 2017 2:30:00 PM

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April's ADP National Employment Report has made its way to the masses today and there is still much to celebrate. This is especially true in private sector employment with an increase of 177,000 jobs for the month.

While this month's positivity echoes that of the March and February, the brunt of the positive changes are occurring in technology and professional services.

It's Still Growth

While the unprecedented growth has slowed this month, the job growth is still strong and the labor market is still near full employment. Mid-sized businesses showed the most growth across company sizes, while construction and retail showed a pullback. Those who run service-providing businesses saw the most growth as opposed to those good-producing companies. A difference of 153,000 jobs made this point quite clear.

But Who Are The Winners And The Losers?

The biggest winners in this report are information companies. Just last month, they were down by 10,000 jobs and now are showing a strong growth of 1,000 jobs. That's a major comeback for the industry in April. Let's not also forget the amazing growth of 72,000 jobs in the Professional/business services sector. This is an increase from March's 57,000 jobs.

Is It All Good News?

With growth is still advancing, now is the time to hire. You may be finding that the landscape is getting more competitive or the candidate pool is diminishing. Increased job growth can create these types of obstacles for hiring managers. If these struggles are a reality for you and your organization, contact ICS for help in sourcing these candidates before they're no longer available. When you collaborate with us, your own growth isn't very far away.
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