A.I. Investment Gap Primes Companies to Act Now

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Aug 9, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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For many companies, keeping up with the ever-changing advances in technology is crucial to keeping up with their competition.  As computing power increases and software becomes more complicated, more companies are looking ahead and considering their future with Artificial Intelligence.  AI software has the potential to drastically transform customer service, logistics, and even marketing.  Actually implementing this technology, however, has proven to be challenging to a number of businesses.  These are some of the most common issues that companies are dealing with.

Determining How to Deploy AI

A recent study showed that while about 76% of executives had a good understanding of the capabilities and potential of this software, only 56% of those company leaders have actually implemented AI in their companies.  Just over 70% of executives planned on deploying the technology in the next twelve months, however.  The gap between those companies that are already using this technology and those who are looking to use can only be filled by highly-qualified professionals with experience in AI software platforms.  

This software, however, has the capability to transform numerous businesses. Customer service “bots” are already capable of handling basic client inquiries, freeing up professionals to address more complicated issues.  AI programs dedicated to logistics are already working to reduce waste and increase productivity in factories all over the globe.  Determining how to implement this software to meet the specific needs of your company, however, can be challenging.

Finding Qualified Employees

Due to the complex nature of many AI software programs, it’s difficult to find employees that are capable of getting the job done.  In many cases, employees need to have experience in both programming and the field that the AI program will be implemented in.  For example, developing a customer service bot usually requires a background in several different software platforms as well as customer service experience.  This means that companies searching for these employees need to cast a wide net and really consider the background and qualifications of the people they hire.

Getting Qualified Applicants

Obviously, finding applicants with such extensive qualifications is a challenge in today’s economy.  Simply posting a job opening on a website will do very little to attract the best candidates.  In fact, most professionals who can do this type of work are able to entertain multiple job offers, and frequently only look for a new position because they are actively being recruited.  Working with a staffing firm that has experience in this and other similar fields is often the best way to get job applicants who can start work immediately on a project.

Competitive Compensation

With demand for AI Programmers and Technicians at near-record levels, companies need to make sure that the compensation package offered to these employees is competitive.  High demand for these professionals often means that many candidates are able to compare several job offers.  It’s important to understand, however, that simply offering the highest salary isn’t always the best way to get the right employee.  Flexible work schedules, excellent insurance options, and a good work environment have all been shown to influence the decisions of job seekers.

It’s also important to think about the timeframe of your specific project.  If the AI your business needs only needs to be designed and installed once, it may be a good idea to hire one or several temporary workers.  This arrangement is often a good way for small and mid-size companies to get the same IT experience and capabilities as their larger competitors at a fraction of the price.

Proposed Changes to H1B Visas

Congress has already proposed legislation that aims to reduce the number of employees that are able to obtain H1B visas.  Remaining workers will need to have salaries and compensation that is more in line with their citizen counterparts.  For some companies, this will lead to a shortage of workers, particularly those qualified in AI.  Fortunately, a staffing company that has seen multiple bills regarding H-1B visas and other government work programs can help businesses and organizations get through this uncertainty.

If your company is considering ways it can implement AI technology, but it needs knowledgeable staff that can get there, contact the professionals at ICS.  This staffing firm has years of experience helping their clients find the right employees for the most complicated jobs.
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