Certifications for Big Data Professionals

If you have missed out on all the chatter and excitement surrounding big data, then there's only one thing that could have happened -- you simply haven't been paying attention. When talking about modern business, big data analytics have undeniably become a crucial part of today's operations.

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NYC Coding Bootcamps That Will Give You an Edge

If you've tried a few free online coding platforms and decided that you want to take the next step, we've compiled a list of the top coding boot camps in New York City. These boot camps are intensive programs that teach you highly specific skills in a short period of time. If you're committed to learning, going through a boot camp can quickly give you the skills needed to acquire a well-paying position.

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New C-Suite Positions in Banking

Until recently, you could count the number of C-suite positions in the banking industry with one hand.  Most banks and credit unions have a CEO, CFO, and COO. In some cases, financial institutions may have had a Chief Risk Officer, Chief Retail Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Lending Officer, or Chief Compliance Officer. These titles have been around long enough that most people in the banking world recognize them.

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