Your Taxing Seasonal Job Search Just Got Easier

Do you work in the seasonal tax industry? As a tax filer and accountant, you know just how busy this time of year gets. You also know how stressful it becomes. From clients dropping off tax documents at the last minute to the sheer number of potentially complex accounts coming in, there's always something to work on up through (and often past) tax filing day. However, tax season just got a bit easier. With a handful of new tools, filing dates, and services at your disposal, you can slash the stress and boost your productivity without much of an issue at all. 

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Millennials Aren’t Lazy, You Just Have to Motivate Them

Believe it or not, the first Millennials are turning 37 this year. This generation charged into the job scene about 20 years ago and have, so far, busted the myths cultivated about them. Studies have shown that Millennials stand accused of extreme Narcissism, or self-centeredness, but that hasn't proven true. Instead, many more of them are humbled then the pundits predicted.

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Imma Let You Finish, But Dallas Has the Best Jobs of ALL Time

In the largest metropolitan areas of America, those at the top of the economic ladder come from two areas – West Coast and Southern. The Southern region flourishes across a wide array of industries and is fed by an extremely strong, domestic immigration, along with a welcoming business climate. In the West, the economy is fed mainly by high-end business services and technology that is clustered around highly desirable, yet expensive urban locations.

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Your Job: When is Staying Worse Than Leaving?

If you are thinking about quitting your job, you may be inspired to do so by the burgeoning economy. Keep in mind that a tight labor market isn't the only consideration when it comes time to find a new job that is a good fit. Don't look for a job without a clear objective in mind. If you like where you're at and your future looks bright at your current company, there may be no reason to leave--stability is a precious commodity.

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Today's Job Market: This is How We Do It

It's time to start looking for a new job. Maybe you're at your wits end with the current job, or you would just like something new and fresh. Whatever the reasoning is you need to make sure you have all your ducks in a row and are ready to begin applying for new positions. From collecting all of your application material to looking for the right job that fits your career goals and skills, it can seem like a daunting task to begin applying for new positions.

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Listen Up: The Forgotten Generation Has Something to Say

Millennials tend to receive the majority of attention in recent years. Whether good or bad, Millennials are continually referenced by news organizations, bloggers and publicists. However, there is a forgotten generation there. The generation, born between 1965 and 1981 are known as Generation X or Gen-Xers.

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