7 In-Demand Tech Jobs for 2018

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Feb 2, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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Tech jobs are expected to be on the rise in the future. In 2018, IT staffing will become increasingly important for various reasons. Investment in technology is a popular move for many businesses out there, and it could give them a competitive edge that they need in almost every major industry. However, leaders will also have to take proactive steps when it comes to their business model. Expect these companies to undergo a hiring phase in the future. They will have to fill high-demand jobs along the way. The trend will open up opportunities for tech professionals from almost any background too.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Every business needs someone who can provide updates on intelligence reports. Their role will be to interpret information and make sound decisions on those reports. Business intelligence analysts are well known for their keen insight and understanding. They will spend quite a bit of time looking at numerical data. But these professionals will also have to possess strong written abilities too. Their ability to verbally communicate information could be a gamechanger for businesses. Expect them to lead the way when it comes to data-based reports. They can head up meetings and direct an entire team on their own, alleviating some pressure on management to do the same task.

Data Scientist

Businesses want to brag about the hires that they make. The tech industry prides itself on the data scientist teams that they hire. These data scientists will learn some programming languages that have to be considered. That makes them a worthy addition to any large scale company too. Expect the data scientist to take the lead on any data examination as well. It will shed light on questions related to the data as needed. They may be well versed when it comes to their strong mathematical skills. Most data scientists will hold a masters degree or Ph.D. from a reputable institution, which gives them significant clout when it comes to the work that they do. The data scientist may still maintain ties within their research community, and those ties could give them new assets that they introduce to the business.

Data Administrator

Great problem-solving skills are important for the trained data administrator. They will take charge of an expansive data cluster within the organization. These professionals decide how data is arranged and distributed to the team. Tech has ushered in a new era for data consideration too. The position requires a bachelor's degree in science or an equivalent amount of experience. Talk to an IT staffing team about their specific requirements for the data administrator. They likely want a great candidate who is ready to tackle big challenges. A data administrator may be a leader when it comes to certain tasks.

Help Desk Technician

Customers are likely to call in frequently with questions about a specific service. The help desk technician will answer those questions for the interested customer. That professional will fill in for the first line of defense for customer troubleshooting. There are often tiers of help desk technicians available to do their part. Get familiar with the tiers that a business may use to answer customer questions. Modern help desk offices are often well stocked and ready to lend their support. The job description might actually vary based on the individual business. Educate them on the management style, and what expectations are in store. This could prepare a help desk technician for a fairly difficult job overall. They are a valued member of their community and want to do their part so the help desk technician could become a leader in a short amount of time.

Network Administrator

The network used by major businesses is likely to become more complex in the coming years. These businesses want to gain a competitive edge by upgrading their tech whenever possible. Their staffing choices are likely to reflect the tech that they choose. A network administrator should have a bachelor's degree in a field related to their job. Ideally, they will also have years of experience under their belt too. This will prepare them for a variety of important challenges that they will explore. The candidate should have a willingness to be on call after hours and be prepared to answer questions about the service whenever possible. After hours availability is very appealing to some selective IT staffing teams.

System Administrator

Most employees will get to know the system used by a business. The central network will determine hourly wages, how contact information is being used, and how teams are structured. Expect the system administrator to secure a lot of influence along the way. They should have strong communication and analytical skills for the job and will prepare the system administrator for any role that they want to face. The admin needs a strong technical understanding before they move forward and will find hardware and software that people can rely on as they move forward in the role.

Data Security Administrator

It is clear that there will be much more data in use among these businesses. Tech has made it possible to secure the right amount of data in the market, but it takes a smart professional to properly handle that kind of data. The data security administrator is expected to maintain a role unlike any other. They will take charge of managing data for an ongoing project. A bachelor's degree in information science is typically required for these professionals, and they must possess a willingness to learn new skills.

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