6 Talent Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Mar 10, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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A number of interesting new trends are arising with the new year. From logistics talent happenings to material handling developments and beyond, several new trends are in play. Let's take a look at the top talent trends that are shaping the workforce in the first half of 2017. 


The Rapid Emergence of C-Level Titles 

An abundance of new C-level titles has appeared with the arrival of the new year. These titles are in response to businesses adapting to the onset of new technologies and leadership expectations. In the past, C-level positions centered on operations like COO, CFO etc. Nowadays, new roles are developing like CDO (chief digital officer), CAO (chief automation officer) and CPO (chief privacy officer). Others point to the battle for elite industry talent as a cause of expanded C-suite titles. There is a growing belief that the addition of new positions toward the upper end of the management structure will empower companies to keep important leaders on board across posterity. 


Raiding Competitors' Talent

Every company strives to retain its elite talent. The talent pool is limited, especially when it comes to leaders. This is precisely why hyper-competitive companies are beginning to poach talent from others in their industry. A leader with the proper qualifications and experience has never been in higher demand. There is a labor shortage of such leaders, as well as a lack of investment in leadership development combined with narrow operating margins. This is the perfect storm to tempt companies into luring executives and high-level managers from other organizations. Look for the raiding of competitors' talent to continue through 2017 and beyond. 


Working Remotely is now Normative 

The days of everyone showing up to the office for a traditional 9-to-5 workday are quickly fading away. It is now acceptable for employees to work remotely. Some employees set foot on-site a few days out of the year- opting to work from home, coffee shops, hotels and other places as desired. The bottom line is that companies are accepting the fact that the top-notch talent is not always located in the same geographic region as their offices. Upwards of one-half of the United State's workforce could be working remotely by 2020. The beauty of this style of work is that it reduces overhead expenses, taps into talent regardless of geographic location, and allows for work to be done at odd hours. 


The Cyber Security Job Market is on Fire 

Cyber attacks are on the rise. As a result, those who specialize in cyber security are fielding employment offers left and right. Cyber attacks are not strictly limited to hackers who are looking for kicks. Many digital thieves aim to steal corporate data and sell it for profit. Some companies are even attempting to hack their competitors to steal data, trade secrets, intellectual property and beyond. There is ample demand for cyber security experts and too short of a supply. All-in-all, cyber security openings have expanded at three times the rate of IT job openings. As a result, it is taking companies quite a long time to fill their cyber security openings. Forbes reports the cyber security industry will likely grow from $75 billion in 2015 to a whopping $170 billion in 2020. 


Jobs are Returning to the United States

President Donald Trump has pushed for the return of jobs to the United States. Political pressure, combined with the rise of labor costs abroad and exorbitant shipping costs, are serving to bring jobs back home. Add in the fact that reshoring serves a public relations purpose and conditions are ripe for the return of employment to the United States. Furthermore, it is much more practical to sell goods to Americans when those goods are made in the United States. 


The Phenomenon of “Boomerang” Employees"

It wasn't long ago when it was viewed as an oddity for employees to leave a company and subsequently return. Nowadays, this phenomenon is somewhat commonplace. Known as “boomerang employees", these individuals typically return after the employer dangles extra compensation, benefits, or workplace freedoms. It makes sense, especially in industries where talent is at a premium. The employee benefits from a raise, while the employer benefits by bringing back an individual who is familiar with the business. Such an employee does not require extensive training or guidance.  He can jump right in, make a meaningful difference right away, and ultimately contribute to the company's bottom line.  


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