5 Workforce Management Trends To Watch in 2017

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Feb 3, 2017 9:00:00 AM

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The upcoming year will likely be quite dynamic in the context of workforce management. There will be a heightened focus on engagement, bridging managers to workers, decreasing attrition and obtaining even more utility out of high-tech solutions. Let's take a look at some of the top human capital management trends for the upcoming year.

The Year of Employee Engagement

The top companies go to great lengths to engage customers. The same will soon be said of workforces. There is an emerging trend of making the employment experience more enjoyable. Employers are now aiming to reward and fulfill employees for a job well done. There is a growing push to identify benefits and other workplace offerings that mean the most to employees. After all, employees can bolt for competitors just like clients. The goal is to prevent employee burnout while ameliorating their work challenges. Look for a reduction in spending on recruitment efforts for elite prospects and a renewed focus on retaining in-house superstars. The way to do it is through engagement. An engaging employee experience is centered on treating employees with respect . They should be perfectly clear about their workplace benefits, compensation, professional role and everything else related to employment.

The Rise of the Middle Manager

Middle management has been lost in the shuffle in recent years. Organizations certainly invest plenty of money and time fine tuning their strategic vision. As noted above, employers are beginning to engage employees like they should. Middle managers have been somewhat neglected yet are now being recognized for their true value. In the end, it can be argued that middle managers really do have a monumental impact on the company's performance. These individuals are responsible for improving employee engagement, exerting leadership and retaining key employees. There is a growing awareness that middle managers really are an important bridge that links top leaders to the rest of the workforce. Look for more companies to invest in managers in an effort to retain them as well as the valuable employees beneath them.

People Data for Problem Solving

Big data is now viewed as a bit overwhelming. There is an avalanche of data being created every second of the day. The new year will likely bring a narrow focus on what types of data are the most important to measure rather than simply measuring for the sake of mass data collecting. The aim is to avoid information overload by way of people data rather than big data. This means examining information about employee productivity, wellness, attendance, time and so on. Once this workforce data is collected, it must be analyzed to produce desired outcomes. Look for organizational leaders to use people data to reduce turnover while heightening engagement, retention and productivity.

Improved Agility

We live in a world that becomes more dynamic by the day. Just about everything is becoming more fluid from labor laws to politics, government, economics and beyond. Organizations that react to changes without delay will reap the rewards. This is not a time to be static and faithful to tradition. The modern day economy is all about rapidly analyzing overarching changes and reacting without delay. This is the year when companies admit change is inevitable and act accordingly.

HR Will use Time and Resources in a More Strategic Manner

Look for HR to become more strategic, especially with time-saving technologies. These technologies will automate employee recruitment efforts to connect with top prospects in as little time as possible. However, relying on technology creates some risk. Over-automation has the potential to drastically reduce communication and stifle human connections. ICS goes to great lengths to prevent such disconnects. We pride ourselves on collaboration and solidifying reciprocal relationships with our candidates.

The new year will bring about change in terms of how HR leaders spend their time. There has been an increased focus on manual tasks in recent years that hinders insights into the business as a whole. Some HR leaders spend a significant amount of time responding to employee inquiries. Technology can help solve some of HR's challenges, especially onboarding processes, recruitment, collaboration and talent management. Yet these productivity gains only go so far. HR leaders are now realizing that tech solutions do not help with employee relations challenges. The new year will be characterized by a sophisticated approach to technology in terms of how it can be used for HR purposes.

ICS is Here to Connect You to the Top Talent

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