5 Ways To Use Social Media When Recruiting For Your Next Technology Department

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Aug 3, 2016 8:43:00 AM

In ICS insights

Recruiting today is much (much) different than it was 30, 20 or even 10 years ago. Depending on how long you have been in the game, you may remember when a job post meant a flyer tacked to a physical bulletin board or your contact database meant your Rolodex. When recruiting later migrated to the online world, the process still wasn’t exactly streamlined. You may have needed to send dozens of emails or continuously visit job boards to find even a single candidate. 
Luckily, things have changed. There are more online options than ever before. Social media has exploded, and it is more than just a platform for entertainment outside the office; it is an excellent recruiting tool. We’ve put together five ways that you can use social media to recruit the right people for your next IT department.

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•    Build a Cohesive Brand Across All Social Media Sites and Recruiting Sites –

First of all, establish your brand and your message so that they are consistent across all platforms. This means that when potential candidates view your profile on LinkedIn and then stumble upon you later on Facebook, Twitter or even on Reddit, they should be able to put two and two together. While not every site has the same branding and page-building tools, there is always some way that you can attach a link, or personalize your profile. Take advantage and make yourself highly visible.

•    Consider Sites Beyond LinkedIn –

Most companies have already discovered the recruiting power of LinkedIn (If you have not, explore it). However, there are a number of excellent social media sites that have nothing to do with job hunting or career skill building that can also be worthy places to build your recruiting pool. Consider Instagram and Pinterest, for starters. Though these are image-based sites, many tech-savvy individuals have created in-depth profiles, so it is worth checking out interesting “hashtags.” Also, sites like Reddit and Tumblr are particularly popular among Millennials and offer mini-communities that may provide highly-targeted groups of job seekers who may never find your firm otherwise.

•    Keyword Tag (Hashtag) Recruiting Posts –
It can sometimes feel a bit clunky to do so, but when you post to Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn or other social media sites, include those all-important hashtags. In fact, spend some time researching the tags that your candidates are likely to search for on social media. Hashtags will make your posts rise to the top and may even give them staying power beyond the first few minutes that they are posted. Get over your fear of the hashtag—it is here to stay.

•    Make Your Firm Easy to Find –

It does not help to put yourself out there if it isn’t easy to find your company or your business’s hiring information. Make this information easily available. Consider creating a couple of additional landing pages dedicated to careers or contact. Not only will you have an easy-to-post link that you can share on social media, but you will immediately get an SEO boost from Google and the other major search engines. This boost is something that cannot be overlooked.

•    Bring Offsite Candidates to Your Social Media (Recruiting) Profiles –

When you meet candidates “in the wild,” you may be used to giving them a business card with your phone number on it. Perhaps you have switched to an email address. However, today’s candidates are just as comfortable with social media. Send those candidates you meet at trade shows to your LinkedIn page. If you are working with individuals through GitHub (and you should be), send them to your recruiting pages. You’ll be surprised by how effective this form of social media recruiting marketing can be.

When it comes to using social media for recruiting, the most important thing is to remember that it is a tool. Like a master carpenter can get the best results from woodworking tools, marketing experts can use social media to obtain the results you desire online.