5 Tips to Maintain a Great Workplace

Posted by Charlie Cacchioli on Oct 2, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Access to unique perks, nicely designed office interiors, and free snacks and lunches — these are only a few of the tangible elements to maintain a well-functioning office. But there's more to that in order to nurture a healthy workplace.

Often, companies forget the intangible office aspects that employees encounter day-to-day. And these aspects have to do with the overall atmosphere in the workplace. Starting with how one person behaves, then a whole team, then the entire company, the energy is passed on like a ripple effect. Good if it's positive energy. But if it's bad vibes, it negatively affects the mood of the office and eventually your team's performance.

To avoid this unwanted energy from spreading, here are five tips you can use to improve and maintain a great workplace:

1. Withhold Respect within the Team

Respect can sometimes mean something different for every person you ask. However, in its most basic sense, respect in the workplace means ensuring that every employee feels valued and appreciated. You can do this through affirmations and encouragement. Give your team members credit for aspects of their job that they are good at. Be genuine and think of the best ways to inspire feelings of mutual respect. This act can also boost your team's perception of one another.

2. Build an Environment Around Trust

Trust involves being aware of everyone's abilities and being vocal to each other if something's wrong. Don't pass the blame as this can be toxic to the entire environment. Instead, maintain the trust between you and your employees by making everyone feel safe to call out mistakes while still recognizing that their coworkers use their best judgment on the job. Encourage everyone to trust that they are performing their best work.

3. Be Supportive Through Challenges

Create an office environment that drives employees to overcome challenges. Be it caused by outside forces, peers, or tough projects, let your employees feel that you're with them, and you can help them get through it. Empower them to face challenges, and remind them that they can be successful as long as they maintain the right attitude. If your employees feel as if they are destined to lose, then you need to encourage them more and persuade them that there are a lot of ways to succeed.

4. Foster Teamwork in the Environment

Let your employees have a natural sense of the importance of working together toward one vision and goal. Yes, there are different departments and teams in a company, but everyone must always feel in sync and must not be working in silos. When challenges arise, a sense of teamwork is essential to helping employees realize that they have someone they can rely on.

5. Show Kindness When Needed

While you acknowledge that everyone is doing their best at work, some days simply happen to be bad ones. If someone is having a rough day, offer your support and willingness to listen if needed. Avoid speculation or judgment, and instead, lend a helping hand without asking questions. Everyone should be offered the same respect and kindness regardless of their role in the company. While this step may seem little, it can radically change the atmosphere in your office. 

From Leadership to the Frontlines

Setting the right atmosphere in your office trickles from the leadership team down to your frontline staff. It manifests in your day-to-day operations. Hence, you must ensure that your leaders' values match up with the rest of the team. Any conflicting values or misalignments can eventually seep into work and affect the positivity in your workplace.

One strategy you can do to secure shared values with the people in your team is to start with the hiring process. Know the candidates well during interviews, and see if their values suit yours. If you need support in uncovering top talent who match your values, contact Infinity Consulting Solutions (ICS). We're committed to helping you discover and attract candidates who will help promote and inspire a passionate workplace. Click below to get started!Find Talent