5 Software Development Languages in MILE High Demand for Denver

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Aug 23, 2016 9:00:00 AM

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If you are in the market for a Denver IT job, you might be interested in learning that the list of top 25 in-demand jobs has just been published on Glassdoor. And guess what? More than one third of those lucrative jobs require you to have knowledge or expertise in programming skills.

What’s more, the Bureau of Labor Relations (BLS), purports that more than a quarter of a million new computer and mathematical jobs are expected to be added through 2020, representing a 22 percent growth for the decade ending in 2020.

Therefore, if you haven't boned up on your software development programming languages, now is the time. Cities that have a huge presence in the tech industry, like Denver, offer many opportunities and some of the highest paid salaries.

Even without knowing how to code, there is still good news. Because these tech jobs are in high demand, a lot of openings are for individuals like you to learn how to code. No background in computer science required, just a willingness to learn a little bit before your first day. So where do you start? After taking a look at, we have gathered up some valuable insight into which programming language skills employers are looking for the most. Here’s what we found out about IT job openings in Denver:

1. SQL

This high-demand programming language is a popular one that hits the top of the job list. MySQL, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL and other database technologies power the big and small businesses, universities, banks, hospitals and more. Pretty much every computer system and anyone who has access to technology will touch something SQL eventually. In fact, iPhones and Android phones access SQLite, a SQL database and many mobile apps use it directly.

  • A quick search of SQL jobs in Denver on Indeed reveals 1,670 job openings. Both Prime Candidate, Inc. and Harvest Strategy Group, Inc. are looking for people with SQL skills.


You are likely very familiar with this language since it's been around since the creation of the computer. Due to its widespread use and maturity, many of the larger applications use JAVA because of its ease in maintaining it and how effective it is.

This software development language is still ubiquitous, despite new development languages like SQL that are appearing everywhere. Many professions use it, including back-end web developers and places that require high security and superb performance like healthcare, finance, and the gaming industry.

  • A quick search of JAVA jobs in Denver on in Denver, CO reveals 1,204 job openings. Harris Corporation and Perficient are looking for individuals with strong JAVA programming language skills.

3. JavaScript

Basically, all web browsers use JavaScript. It simplifies communicating with data services APIs and, further, JavaScript has a library for basically anything. This programming language is a popular choice for front and back-end web developers across many different industries.

  • A quick search of JavaScript jobs in Denver on Indeed reveals 843 job openings. Both Comcast and VictorOps are looking for individuals with strong JavaScript skills.

4. Python

This language works great right out of the box and is a fairly consistent. You can complete the same tasks with python using fewer lines of code, which really makes it an IT skill in demand. It has a more natural and intuitive feel to it and its ease of use and convenience makes it one of the easiest to learn programming languages out there.

Python is used by data scientists, data engineers, and developers and although it is not specific to any particular industry, it is very "task specific", meaning it is perfect for business intelligence, data processing and some application development.

  • A quick search of Python jobs in Denver on Indeed reveals 773 job openings. Both NASDAQ and UCAR are looking for people with strong Python skills.

5. C#

This is a convenient programming language since it is part of the 'common language infrastructure', which means you don't have to rewrite it and you can use it across multiple computer platforms. Like JAVA, it is a fixture in the IT world. It is flexible and diversified, making it quite popular with programmers who are dealing with Windows-based environments. Both mobile and web developers use C# all the time.

  • A quick search of C# jobs in Denver on Indeed reveals 527 job openings. Both M.E.P.CAD and Black Knight Financial Services are looking for people with strong C# skills.

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Now that you know the top 5 Mile High city demand for software development languages, it's crucial that you are skilled in one of them. Better yet, become well-versed in a few of them, so you can be adaptable and versatile — and have a leg up on your Denver IT job candidate competition.

Of course, it behooves you to use a Denver IT staffing agency to find that perfect IT job, but it is up to you to master your skills. You can then go on to master even more programming languages so you can move up in your career.