5 Random Interview Questions That Tell All

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Dec 7, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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The unemployment rate now is lower than it has been in the past ten years, and companies who are looking for new candidates are now finding it important to hire new talent based on work culture and personality, rather than hiring just for the sake of hiring. As a result, now is the time for anyone who is searching for a job to learn more about the hiring process, particularly the interview.

While a person’s qualifications are an important factor in getting a job, there is much more to the outcome. Factors such as their cultural fit and personality are becoming more important. The approach to an interview is something that is changing, with the process moving from a Q&A type scenario to a friendlier type of conversation, which is able to help employers assess all these new factors.

If you need to prepare for these changes, then you need to understand the new interview process being used. Get to know five of the new interview questions being asked here and make sure you are prepared for an upcoming interview.

How would you handle a zombie apocalypse?

At first consideration it may seem a bit silly; however, the answer you give can say quite a bit about you. There are some companies that ask this question to every employee considered. While there isn’t a right answer, per se, this is a question that can show quite a bit about a candidate’s character, how they are able to handle pressure and if they would be a good fit with the culture of the company. The best way to handle this question is by giving a thoughtful and creative answer while highlighting your imagination and thinking skills.

What does the phrase “work-life integration” mean to you?

During an interview, there are some interviewers who want to gauge a candidate’s work style by asking them about their thoughts on work-life balance. It’s important for a candidate to respond with their gut feeling, show off their personality and always be honest with their answers to make sure the candidate, as well as the company, are a good fit for one another.

Can you give me information about your past?

This doesn’t mean that an interviewer wants to hear your entire life story. To find a quality candidate, he wants to ask interviewees to talk about the favorite job they have had in the past, and to tell them why this job was their favorite. This can help to highlight what things the candidate enjoys about work, as well as the things they don’t. This is another question that can let an interviewer know if you are a good candidate or fit for the position. It’s important for a candidate to be completely honest to ensure the expectations are set correctly right from the start.

What are you looking for in a company’s culture?

To ensure that personalities align, some candidates are asked what type of company culture they find most appealing. This can help the interviewer determine if the candidate would be successful and happy with that particular company. As a result, it’s imperative that you're well-prepared when for an interview and remain transparent when answering these types of questions.

What did you like most about a previous employer?

To determine what types of things a person is looking for in a manager, some interviewers will ask candidates what they liked most about a prior manager. This is a great way to determine if they are going to be able to work well with the individual they are going to be reporting to at that company. It’s important that when you answer this question, you don’t try to sugar coat things – for example, trying to emphasize all the positive things – but just be honest.

When it comes to answering interview questions, the best thing a person can do is be honest. Take some time to do research about the company and prepare. This will give an individual the best chance possible of a great interview experience. Be sure to keep the information here in mind when it comes time to actually go through with the interview.

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