5 Chicago IT Jobs in Demand

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Oct 20, 2016 9:00:00 AM

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Chicago is known for a lot of things such as Deep Dish Pizza, Windy City politics, a large number of local Breweries, and Oprah. Increasingly, though, it is also known as the Midwest’s Tech Hub.  

Chicago is home to 60+ of the Fortune 1000, proprietary trading firms, multi-billion dollar dot com companies and a startup scene that rivals any major city in the nation. All of these companies are using technology in every aspect of their businesses. This has created growth in IT Job openings in Chicago. Many of these jobs in Chicago go unfilled each year because there simply is not enough talent to fill the roles.  

Chicago IT jobs are posted on at the same rate as San Francisco IT JOBS. Believe it! 

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So for what are Chicago companies actively recruiting? What keeps Chicago Headhunters working late into the night? We have a list of our Top 5 Chicago IT JOBS that are in high demand.  

Every day, we see requests from real clients looking to hire:  

  • Cyber Security :

Cyber Security is a high growth and high demand area in Technology.  The demand for candidates in Cyber Security in all forms greatly outstrips supply and salaries reflect this disparity. As everyday life continues to revolve around the “interwebs” and the access it gives to everyday tasks it also makes companies and customers more vulnerable to hackers taking advantage of the information that is available. Companies know the risk of another data breach and the direct effects it can have short term and long term on their companies brand and customer loyalty. Companies are already behind the 8-ball if they have NOT matured their Cyber Security Program and will pay top dollar to make sure they identify the right talent to do so. Typically, positions range from Web Security Engineers, Network Security Engineers, Risk Engineers and Penetration Testers, Security Architects, and CISO level roles, to name a few.  

  • Software Developers :

Chicago companies are in the same boat as other major cities looking for talented developers. As open source languages such as Python and Ruby on Rails continue to gain popularity with companies the usual suspects are still in high demand including Java Developers, .Net Developers and Mobile Developers. In addition to these traditional titles, companies are also looking for specific skills including revolving around JavaScript and other front end technologies.  The developers that tend to stick out from the rest are those who take the necessary steps to learn the new trends including Angular.js and React.js. By staying relevant with these high demand languages and also getting out to network in these communities are ways to stand out to companies and recruiters.  Lastly, salaries have continued to rise and demand continues to far outweigh candidate supply here as do many on our list.  

  • Database Developers / Database Engineers :

DATA, DATA, DATA. If you have any technology friends or family and got lost in the conversation of what do you do? It’s probably because they started talking about Data and how companies are using it to better service their customers. Database Developers and Engineers are in high demand because companies are realizing the importance not only in capturing this data but being able to define it and use it to their advantage through marketing, sales, product knowledge, etc. This can only be done through the efforts of a Database professional. By having a strong database team you ultimately allow your business to stay competitive in a data-driven world.  

  • Cloud Engineers : 

Few things are as ubiquitous and as mysterious as The Cloud. To Chicago headhunters, there are even fewer things as scarce as a talented Cloud Engineer.  Just like architects building giant infrastructure projects in our cities, cloud engineers are building massive structures that are equally as vital to our civil existence. The difference is that computing systems are largely invisible to the general public. Also missing from view are the hoards of cloud engineers we all need to develop better physical and virtual storage, backup and recovery technologies, and data center computing. Cloud engineers need to be experts in their field, with a degree in computer science and a sharp understanding of enterprise systems. Tech headhunters also search for candidates with impressive soft skills, including clear communication and proven leadership. Present yourself as a bright cloud engineer overflowing with talent and a shining personality, and every tech recruiter in Chicago will be after you before you can even notify your LinkedIn network. 

  • UX/UI Designers :

User Experience and User Interface designers create the landscape of our digital world. With wireframes, diagrams, and story boards, UX/UI designers navigate around the internet in everyone else's shoes. It is as if the Facebook function "View My Profile As..." were a permanent state. Chicago companies know that consumers rely heavily on their online presence and, therefore, want to offer a seamless experience. Enter the in-demand cohort of UX/UI designers.  They use the latest Javascript tools, Angulat.js, React.js, Ember.js, or Backbone.js, in order to make everyone comfortable online. They have consider the Millennial early-adopter and the tech-challenged aunt who still uses an AOL e-mail account. So this is a profession that is in-demand now and will be in-demand for the foreseeable future. As we start to see groundbreaking innovations in the near future- especially in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality- the career of a UX designer will morph and expand.