3 Tips to Repair Your Workplace Culture

Posted by Cameron Reinhart on Oct 9, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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The most successful businesses are those prepared to embrace effective, supportive, and inclusive cultures. But sometimes, it's easier said than done. If you're in one of the companies that find it challenging to develop the right culture, here are a few steps you can take to build a positive workplace culture for your workforce.

The Building Blocks of Successful Workplace Culture

Great organizations don't just communicate a fantastic workplace culture—they live it. They keep their employees engaged by having an environment that encourages valuable contributions and collaboration. The leaders are also the number one supporters of this kind of culture. They see it as a differentiator in attracting and retaining talent.

Let's take a closer look at what these organizations are doing to create an environment for employees to stay to grow and thrive.

1. Understand what your employees want.

Get familiar with how diverse the generations of workers are and what they might be looking for in the workplace. By deeply knowing what motivates and frustrates them, you can reduce the guesswork in creating employee engagement programs for them. From benefit incentives to professional development courses, you can explore a variety of approaches on how to sustain employees' interest, engagement, and eventually, performance.

Generation Z

  • Wants job security and a competitive paycheck
  • Open to feedback that can help them advance in their roles
  • Seeks competition and self-improvement


  • Want to be coached rather than managed
  • Prefer to focus on enhancing their strengths
  • Treat their career as their life

Generation X

  • Open to quick and honest feedback
  • Wants achievable goals
  • Looks for meaningful work and challenging environment

Baby Boomers

  • Loves collaboration and teamwork
  • Favors verbal communication and socialization
  • Value loyalty and good work ethic

The Silent Generation

  • Wants perks that help them prepare for the future, such as retirement planning
  • Loves recognition for their hard work
  • Values respect for authority and dedication to the company

2. Evaluate your current culture.

Getting first-hand feedback from your employees can give you a good idea of how to improve your company culture. 

Sit down with your team or department and encourage an open and honest discussion with them about your workplace culture. If your team is too big and you want quick, consolidated feedback, you may also ask them to fill out an online survey.

Whichever culture evaluation method you'll use, the results will be valuable in identifying areas where your organization may be lacking.

3. Craft a plan for the future of your company’s culture.

Once you know what your employees want and determined your current culture, the next step is creating an action plan.

Start with professional growth. How is your company actively helping employees grow in knowledge and skillsets? Consider individual and group-based development programs to help foster the personal and professional growth of your employees.

Show appreciation. Everyone wants to be valued, and it's important to let your employees know that you appreciate them. Think about how you can implement programs that acknowledge and celebrate your employees' successes.

Be explicit about the organization’s expectations. Give your employees access to constructive feedback. Goals must be clearly communicated as well so that everyone is on the same page.

Keep your employees engaged. Help your team stay focused on the company by communicating your mission, vision, and values. Align your company-wide engagement programs with these goals, while strategizing on making events or sessions that employees will love.

After experimenting and implementing these kinds of cultural shifts, you'll soon see that your workplace environment is healthier. Be supportive of your workforce, spread positivity, and witness the difference. Your team will be more focused, productive, and collaborative than ever.

Bringing the Right People to Your Team

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