3 New Studies Name Dallas-Forth As the New Tech Hotspot

Posted by Stephanie Quiros on Aug 21, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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With the continual emergence of new technology, the industry finds itself growing and expanding rapidly across the country. As a result, tech jobs are increasing, and tech workers are becoming more and more in demand. It's undeniable as well that many companies need tech assistance, even if they're not a part of the tech industry.

If you're currently on the search for a new tech job, Dallas-Fort Worth is the place where you'll have many options. Three new studies have recently deemed the city a key destination for startups and tech professionals as it continues to emerge as the newest tech hotspot.

Read these pointers why you may want to consider Dallas-Fort Worth for your next tech job:

Dallas-Fort Worth has it alllow cost of living, high tech salaries, and job opportunities.

In Dallas-Fort Worth, the cost of living is 1.2% lower than the national average. Also, workers get paid $2.10 more per hour than the average U.S. worker. In a recent study conducted by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), IT professionals ranked Dallas-Fort Worth as one of the top five tech towns based on the cost of living, IT job opportunities, and projected job growth.

In the same study, titled Tech on the Move, 916 IT professionals and students were asked if they would consider leaving their current city in pursuit of a new job. About 78% said they would consider it, citing Dallas-Fort Worth as the fourth most popular city they would move to.

Dallas Fort-Worth has one of the top tech salaries in the U.S.

Nationwide, tech salaries average 66% higher than other occupations. In Dallas Fort-Worth, however, the average tech employee makes 87% more than other professions in the area. With an average tech salary of $98,237, Dallas Forth-Worth was named one of the top tech salaries out of 100 U.S. cities.

There are 42 Fortune 1000 companies located in the area.

Almost half of Fortune 100 companies have their headquarters located in the Dallas Fort-Worth, making it the largest tech labor force in the south. Additionally, there are a plethora of other companies who call Dallas-Fort Worth home and are looking for tech employees. Between August 2017 and July 2018, there were 108,975 IT job postings, according to CompTIA.

Tech job opportunities in Dallas-Fort Worth are abundantand they continue to grow.

Dallas-Fort Worth is home to a multitude of tech companies and non-tech companies who are looking for talented tech workers to handle IT responsibilities. From Fortune 1000 companies to startups, the city has a diverse industry that is always looking to recruit talent. Over the next five years, there is an expected growth of 10% in IT jobs in the area, according to CompTIA.

Dallas-Fort Worth is one of the best U.S. cities for startups and entrepreneurs.

In Commercial Café's study focusing on factors that contribute to early-stage tech startups' success, Dallas-Fort Worth got the third-highest growth rate in the tech talent pool of U.S. Cities.

Many efforts are being made to sustain the city's economic development, which, in turn, boost startups' growth. Some of these efforts include plans made by the government, chamber of commerce, transportation, authority, and others to address the city's issues with jobs, talent, funding, and reputation.

Startups in Dallas-Fort Worth are experiencing meteoric growth.

Startups in Dallas-Fort Worth have achieved "meteoric growth," boasting a 223% growth rate since 2008, according to a study conducted by The Center for an Urban Future.

In 2008, there were about 400 startups in the city. By 2019, that number grew to a whopping 1,293, ranking Dallas-Fort Worth as number 11 among other cities across the nation in which startups experienced massive growth. More startups mean more jobs for tech professionals, especially in Dallas-Fort Worth where they continue to flourish.

If you're looking for your next tech career adventure and are open to relocation, Dallas-Forth is a city you don't want to miss out. ICS can help bridge you to the right companies and the right position within your field. Click below to get started and begin your job search.

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