3 Mistakes To Avoid When Dealing with Company Culture

Posted by Stephanie Quiros on Sep 20, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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In today’s evolving workplace, revitalizing corporate culture is a big challenge. There are no easily definable ways to shift company culture into a new direction. But nowadays, many business leaders have started to heed the call and place a higher priority on actively endeavoring to change their workplace culture for the better.

While creating strategies and hiring new talent are comparatively easier for C-suite executives, changing the culture requires them to slow down and determine tangible steps and measures they can take. And there are also some missteps that must be avoided to ensure company success in transforming culture.

1. Never rely mainly on data when measuring your culture.

Keep in mind that numbers can't solely measure culture. Most companies will rely on employee surveys as a means for quantifying the hard-to-measure culture. However, these surveys can be misleading, as they often rely on faulty information that skews results. While these surveys can be valuable, they should never become the foundation for how you measure the success of your company's culture. 

Same with turnover rates. Many businesses deem it as a key indicator of low morale and a toxic culture. Companies with a high turnover rate can look into the matter quickly to see where they fell short. However, companies with a low turnover rate may be lulled into a false sense of security and harm their culture in the long-term.

Apart from statistics, one way to get more valuable insights is to include open-response questions in every survey, encouraging employees to voice their true opinions. This raw feedback may serve as a warning for potential issues, or it can even encourage the implementation of new ideas. But companies must promote a sense of safety for employees to speak up honestly without any worry. This form of feedback will also enable employees to feel more connected to company leaders. In turn, it will equip leaders with better judgment in bringing the team to the right direction.

2. Alter policies if needed to promote change.

If you uncover policies that hinder a healthy culture, then don't hesitate to change them. For example, if you find that your company promotes an unhealthy form of competition, you can begin searching for ways to encourage collaboration. Look into new ideas as a positive way to initiate cultural change that will let your company enjoy sustainable success.

You must also avoid being so rigid in holding to traditions and past policies if they're not aligned with the culture you're aiming for. Change your operating model if needed, so it reflects what you claim as your culture. By being consistent with what you say and how you act, you can alleviate the culture-related worries of your employees and make them feel valued. 

3. Avoid simple, forgettable phrases when describing your company.

Frequently, business owners and recruiters will distill their company's culture down into overused, generic words. Whether you describe your culture as collaborative, innovative, high-performing, or any other similar adjective, it doesn't matter. What matters is how to stay true to these words in your workplace. But in reality, living by these adjectives doesn't always happen. So what do you do?

Rather than mentioning generic, overused buzzwords, business leaders should acknowledge any underlying tension or highlight the two sides of your company's focus. For example, speak about your future goals while taking your existing practices into account. You may also consider discussing both your long- and short-term goals and emphasizing results while fostering work-life balance for your employees. By explicitly talking about tensions, you can avoid any sense of disillusionment. Be open and honest about the heart of your company to set the course in promoting a healthy culture.

Overall, a company's culture is only as good as the people who nurture it. Uncovering and hiring new talent can be a valuable way for you to begin implementing change. If your company wants to attract the top candidates who will positively affect your company's culture, contact Infinity Consulting Solutions today by clicking the link below to get started!

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