2019 Workplace Trends You’ll Need to Plan For

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jan 14, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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With historically low unemployment rates, employers are now focusing on hiring for potential employees with developing digital sophistication and flexibility.According to some experts, HR strategies in place today will not continue to be effective if they don’t evolve. Making sure a company attracts the absolute best office talent and that it’s poised for innovation down the road, means that companies have to take a holistic approach to each decision made by the HR department. Developing a quality inclusion and diversity strategy and being able to anticipate digital disruption will be paramount in the future.

For those who want to ensure they are prepared, here are some trends to be ready for in 2019.

The New Norm is Going to Be Constant Digital Disruption

The ability to keep up with modern technology is something that can be quite daunting. However, modern employees expect an extremely high level of digital sophistication. As a result, it is necessary for employers to address this with digital relevancy, which means having the proper technologies and tools in place, along with digital orientation. This is helping their workers manage their expectations and use of technologies that are always on. Digital leadership is also necessary, which will help the company adapt and adopt the latest emerging technology.

The Continued Shift of Why, Where, When and How Work is Done

The majority of companies are currently offering their employees a higher level of flexibility. This is going to result in an even higher level of work-life fluidity. This is something that is getting more common as employees are handling “life” tasks during the hours they should be working and working when they should be off. Also, many employers have realized that many workers feel extremely strongly about being actually invested in the mission of their company so that a company can easily connect the efforts their employees make to the big-picture goals. In the long run, this will offer a competitive advantage for workplace trends.

The New Expectation of Training at Any Time and Anywhere

When a company does not offer the meaningful opportunity for learning and progression, an employee is going to move on. On-demand, timely and relevant opportunities for new training is a crucial part of a successful retention strategy in 2019. Another aspect that is going to become even more popular is dedicated career coaching. This is because employees will expect this incentive to help them advance in their careers.

Inclusion and Diversity Will be Center Stage

All businesses, regardless of industry or size, need to focus on inclusion and diversity to help attract a larger talent pool. The fact is, bringing together a wide array of various perspectives is an essential ingredient to innovation and can help to drive better decision making in the business. Inclusion and diversity are a prerogative that is going to necessitate agreement from everyone, which includes senior leadership.

AI is Becoming a Category in Employment

Even though few organizations think of technology as an actual formal part of the workforce, this is something that will change rather quickly. AI and agile workers are the workforce segments that are growing the fastest. While this technology is not set to replace humans, it is helping them to deliver even more value than before.

Reward Retention and Hire Based on Potential

If a job requisition remains open for too long, then an employer may be forced to spend even more resources on recruiting someone new to fill the empty position. Also, an overburdened team will be less effective. Employers are going to have to think differently about what actually makes a quality candidate and be sure to focus on the must-haves, rather than the, would like to have, qualities. From this point, an employer is going to have to get somewhat creative to incentivize and improve long-term retention.

Keep Up

Understanding the factors here is the best way to be prepared for what is coming in 2019 for workplace trends, so be sure to keep the information that is found here in mind as 2019 moves on. To make sure you know the latest facts and figures, check out our 2019 Salary Guide.  Click below to download our digital guide, or if you already know what talent you need, click our Find Talent Now button to get started towards finding your dream team.

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