15 Blockchain Job Hot Spots

Posted by Jeff Pelliccio on Jul 4, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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Blockchain is a hot technology and, if current trends are any indicator, it's a buzzword we'll be hearing for some time. Much like IoT and AI, blockchain is a tech that promises to shape the future. Because cryptocurrencies are tied to a blockchain philosophy, it's definitely a hot opportunity for job seekers looking to enter this niche.

What is Blockchain?

In a nutshell, blockchain is an emerging technology that is designed to be an efficient and transparent method of sharing information. Based on a decentralized peer-to-peer topology that isn't tied to any specific software, blockchain is a secure public electronic ledger that is openly shared and can be seen by everyone. For instance, once you make an entry, you cannot change or delete it. Essentially, you leave a permanent electronic trail in "blocks" of information for every entry or adjustment made. As the person making the entry, each entry is linked directly to you.

Top Tech Opportunities

Blockchain promises to be a game changer. Computerworld recently referred to it as "the most disruptive tech in decades."  Considering blockchain is still in its infancy, this shows high probability there will be a huge demand for these jobs in upcoming years. The top positions needing to be filled are primarily technical, such as product managers, software developers, and security engineers.  Job opportunities can be found with:

  • Financial companies - Blockchain's strong capacity gives the ability to streamline financial processes, which will enable New York's financial district and companies based in other cities to stay on top of their games.
  • Enterprise companies - Major players, such as Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, and Deloitte, will look towards blockchain technology to better their own efficiency and improve on customer service.
  • Core development - This job category entails those with these technical skills to directly build cryptocurrency platforms such as BItcoin, Ethereum, and EOS.IO.  There will be less of a need here as blockchain technology evolves. This is because blockchain developer jobs of the future are more likely to be geared towards being able to build applications on top of core platforms, not building them from scratch.

Hot Cities for Blockchain Jobs

Recent analysis of blockchain-related job listings has determined some cities show higher promise for job opportunities. The analysts scanned millions of job postings made last year using keywords such as "blockchain," "bitcoin," and "distributed ledger" to use as a basis to collect the data, interpret the listings, and determine the ranking. If you're looking to enter a blockchain career, you'll find the best opportunities in the following cities:

1. New York (1,316 jobs)

2. San Francisco (651 jobs)

3. Boston (211 jobs)

4. Chicago (148 jobs)

5. Palo Alto (132 jobs)

6. Austin (116 jobs)

7. San Jose (97 jobs)

8. Atlanta (82 jobs)

9. Raleigh (81 jobs)

10. Los Angeles (72 jobs)

11. Seattle (68 jobs)

12. Denver (65 jobs)

13. Washington, D.C. (56 jobs)

14. Houston (55 jobs)

15. Charlotte (50 jobs)

Increased blockchain-related opportunities can also be found across the globe in cities such as London, Singapore, Toronto, and Sydney. Companies in the U.S. and overseas will need to be able to keep up with the pace as cryptocurrency continues to become more widely used.

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