Deploy Your Military Skills in a Civilian World

If you have ever served in the military, then you’ve worked and lived in environments that are unique to the military culture. You have likely lived on bases, in submarines, on installations and more. You’ve eaten MREs and shopped at commissaries. You have been deployed to exotic and unique locations around the world and become used to the sense of community – regardless of if you were visiting a medical clinic, restaurant, place of worship or school.

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How to Land a Manager Role in Finance

A financial manager performs critical functions that are vital to how companies track performance and determine which projects are most profitable. This helps their employers manage investments. With experience in this field, you can get a job in almost any industry. If you have a head for numbers and love to solve problems, a career as a financial manager would fit very well with your personality and could be a great career move.

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Can You Spot A Quality Cloud Engineer?

Are you working on an application that’s going to run on AWS? Or, are you working to migrate one or more applications over to the cloud? Do you currently have one – or several – applications running on AWS?

Regardless of what you answered “yes” to, it is clear you are working to expand your AWS footprint, and now, you need to hire software engineers. You know that if you don’t find the right talent, the AWS implementation won’t be the success you are hoping for.

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