Demand for Open Source Skills Skyrockets

Employers trying to hire for open source talent are plagued by a lack of candidates who are sufficiently trained, according to the Linux Foundation. It's released the sixth annual look at career opportunities in open source software. This leaves ample opportunity for those interested in this area to seek training that will help them stand out to employers. The report conveniently shows where the most opportunities for open source jobs are located. It also identifies some factors that tend to motivate professionals that work in this field or who might be happy about switching to this field.

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How to Transform Into a Blockchain Developer

In Silicon Valley, New York City, or Boston, a blockchain developer has an annual average salary of $158,000. This is $18,000 higher than regular software developers. Those who have blockchain iterations experience, such as Hyperledger Composer and Solidity, command even greater salaries. 

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IoT Furthers Personalized Banking Experiences

The Internet has changed the way people do business, especially when it comes to retail.  More and more people are opting to purchase items online, making a big impact on how retailers do business all the way down the line to the manufacturers they use. 

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