Delaware Fintech Gets Credit Where Credit is Due

Although Wilmington, Delaware is not the first city that comes to mind when you think of a booming tech scene, a group of entrepreneurs is bringing in big business. Many of these high-tech professionals left their jobs in banking to enter a new market—financial technology, commonly referred to as fintech.

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Denver Tech Market is Heating Up

If you work with the any of the tech companies found in metro Denver commercial real estate; it’s been pretty obvious for a while now - the tech sector is on fire. There is news of yet another company opening a new, Front Range office, securing funding, expanding the headcount, or launching their initial public offering virtually every day. While it’s quite an exciting time in for tech industry candidates, it’s also important to understand that this particular type of growth isn’t something that “just happens.”

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Do You Want to Disrupt or Be Disrupted?

With technology advancing at a rapid rate, the market is undergoing a dramatic shift in how business is done. New solutions are being implemented, and innovative ideas are being put into motion. Things are taking shape that was unfathomable just years ago. Companies making these big leaps are called disruptors, and they are forever changing the business world.

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