Back to the Future for Auditors

If you are like most people, when you begin to think about changes that are made to a financial statement audit, chances are you are thinking “big.” For example, during the time directly after the stock market crash (which took place in 1929), changes came fast. This is when the modern era of the independent audit for financial statements was created, which is now a key to the public’s confidence in the global markets.

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5 Random Interview Questions That Tell All

The unemployment rate now is lower than it has been in the past ten years, and companies who are looking for new candidates are now finding it important to hire new talent based on work culture and personality, rather than hiring just for the sake of hiring. As a result, now is the time for anyone who is searching for a job to learn more about the hiring process, particularly the interview.

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Make Yourself Irreplaceable at Your New Job

Congratulations, you have just got a new job! The initial few weeks as a new employee are the absolute most important. Not only do you need to learn what to do, but also how you can do it properly. After all, the goal is to make a great first impression on your coworkers, as well as your manager. If you want to ensure that you start on the right foot, make sure you do the following five things.

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Your Organization Could Be Hemorrhaging Cash Through Data Ignorance

Have you heard of the data science skills gap? If not, you are likely going to in the near future. The fact is, this is something that is growing. Also, more organizations are starting to list these skills gaps as being a significant barrier to their overall digital transformation efforts.

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Social Media Killed the Interview Star

Social media is a great way to interact with friends and relieve memories from past activities. It's also a great way to completely derail your job search. In the modern world of business, many companies now look up potential employees to see not only what kind of personal life they live, but also if there are any undesirable elements to a person's personal life that might cause the company trouble later on down the line. 

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This is Why You Can’t Have Nice Things (Like Job Offers)

You were called in for a job interview, so it's obvious your resume impressed the company. Yet you never received a callback and now you're wondering what happened and why you were passed over for someone else. Was it something you said? How did you act during the interview? Or did someone else just perform better than you?

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